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What is the purpose of the Nike Air Max 1?

What is the purpose of the Nike Air Max 1?

Designed for runners, the Air Max 1 was created for speed and impact with lightweight and well-cushioned construction. The beloved AM1 remains a Nike sportswear piece, often customized and remodeled with new fabrics and unique color combinations for casual use.

Who is the designer of the Air Max 1?

A film about the bold legacy and innovation of Air Max. A film about the bold legacy and innovation of Air Max. Inspired by the open architecture of Paris’s Centre Pompidou, Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield cut a small window into the Air Max 1’s midsole, making Nike Air visible for the first time.

Are there any Air Max shoes with air cushioning?

The first Air Max shoe with full-length Nike Air cushioning, the 97 looks incredibly futuristic. But our designers actually took their inspiration from the natural beauty of ripples in water. With only a thin film separating your foot from the cushion, this shoe is the closest you can get to walking on air.

How to stay up to date on Nike Air Max?

Shop their looks below and stay up to date on everything Air Max in the Nike App. A self-proclaimed “local healer and art dealer”, Shema is using her studio as a platform to elevate underrepresented communities and change the way the world views art. I like to leave a little bit to the imagination so you can see yourself in the art that I present.”

When did the Air Max 1 come out?

Released in 1987, the Air Max 1 was the first sneaker to offer a look inside at the brand’s patented Air cushioning. The now-visible Air opened up a whole new world of technological innovation not just for Nike, but across the entire athletic shoe industry. From then on, consumers wanted to see the tech inside their sneakers.

What kind of art is on Air Max 1?

The Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze features unique geometric art on the upper. The Chinese New Year mixes patterns, bold solids and is buffed to a high shine.