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What is Chinese shoe size to us?

What is Chinese shoe size to us?

Men’s International Conversion Chart Shoe Sizing

US UK China
6 5 39
7 6 41
7.5 6.5
8 7 42

What is US size in China?

China uses two different sizing systems, which measure two different parts for the body. For example, a US size medium is a size 88-90 or 165-170 in China. Japan uses the lettered sizing system (XS-XL), which tend to run smaller than US or UK sizes. The country also uses two numbered sizing systems as well.

What is China shoe size 40 in US?

Men’s International Shoe Sizes

U.S./Canada China Europe
6.5 40 39
7 41 40
7.5 40.5
8 42 41

What is US size 9 in China?

Men’s International Shoe Sizes

U.S./Canada China U.K.
9 43.5 8.5
9.5 44 9
10 44.5 9.5
10.5 45 10

What is my shoe size in US?

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes
7 40 6.5
7.5 40-41 7
8 41 7.5
8.5 41-42 8

What are the shoe sizes in China?

Chinese shoe sizes run from size 35.5 to 49 in women’s shoes, and from size 33 to 48 in men’s shoes. Size 35.5 corresponds to a women’s size 5 and 49 to a women’s size 15.5 in American sizing. A Chinese men’s shoe size 33 would be very difficult if not impossible to find in an American counterpart.

What is the average shoe size for women in China?

The average female shoe size in United States is 7(39-40) compared to size 3.5(36) in China.

What is US shoe size in inches?

Generally, that’s the difference between each successive letter width designation. Example: You measure your foot’s length as 9-1/2 inches long; that gives you a basic U.S. shoe size of 8. If you then measure the width at 3-15/16 inches , you come up with a wide (“D”) width. Your complete shoe size is 8D.

What size is medium in shoe size?

In the United States, shoes are sized for length and width. Nine widths are available, ranging from AAA (narrowest) to EEE (widest). For men, a D width is considered a medium; for women, a medium is a B width.