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What happens at Nuffield health Check?

What happens at Nuffield health Check?

We will look for risk factors by measuring your blood glucose (sugar) level and analysing your urine. Our clinicians will then discuss your results and help you manage your blood sugar levels through exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of developing diabetes in the future.

What is a health MOT Nuffield?

The 60 minute Health MOT is an in-depth assessment of your overall health, based on a series of checks and tests that we carry-out to determine, what we refer to as, your ‘health score’. From there the Wellbeing advisor can help you create an action plan to improve your overall wellbeing.

Does Nuffield Hospital take NHS patients?

As an NHS patient receiving treatment at a Nuffield Health Hospital you can focus on your treatment and recovery without the worry of hospital borne infections. Patient Choice means you can choose where to receive your NHS treatment at no additional charge.

How to book a health assessment at Nuffield Health?

If you’re ready to book a health assessment you can call us on 03452 302040. If you have any questions you can also send us a message by filling in the form below. A member of the team will respond to you soon.

Is the Nuffield Health my wellbeing app free?

Nuffield Health My Wellbeing is designed to help extend our support outside of the gym so you can access our expert content wherever you are. My Wellbeing is available to use for both members and non-members to download and use. Visit our FAQs for more information.

Do you get a reduced rate with Nuffield Health?

If you have Private Medical Insurance, or are part of a company scheme, you may be entitled to a reduced rate. Please contact us for more details Personal medical history and lifestyle questionnaire Full biochemistry profile including liver and kidney function

What does it mean to know how healthy you are?

Knowing how healthy you are means you can tailor your lifestyle and live life to the full. This Health Assessment will highlight health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol and poor posture. If any serious health issues are found, we’ll refer you to the relevant health experts.