What line is Gospel Oak station on?

What line is Gospel Oak station on?

North London Line
Gospel Oak railway station is in the London Borough of Camden in north-west London. It is on the North London Line (NLL) and is also the western passenger terminus of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line – known informally as GOBLIN.

What is the goblin line?

The Gospel Oak to Barking line (sometimes unofficially called the GOBLIN) is part of the Network Rail network of railway lines. The line is part of Network Rail Strategic Route 6, and is classified as a London and South East Commuter line.

Are trains running from Barking to Gospel Oak?

No trains will run between Gospel Oak and Barking.

Are the trains running from Barking to Gospel Oak?

Where is Gospel Oak train station in London?

Gospel Oak is a busy commuter station in north London, offering London Overground services eastbound towards Barking and Stratford, and westbound towards Clapham Junction and Richmond. Opened in 1860, it was built on two brick arches that carry the rail line across the busy Gordon House Road, where you’ll find some local shops…

How long is the train from Barking to Gospel Oak?

It is 13 miles 58 chains (22.1 km) in length from one terminus to the other and carries both through goods trains and London Overground passenger trains, connecting Gospel Oak station in north London and Barking station in east London.

Why was Gospel Oak railway station closed on Sundays?

To allow four-car trains to run on the London Overground network, the North London Line between this station and Stratford closed from February 2010 to 1 June 2010, for installing a new signalling system and for extending 30 platforms. Until May 2011, there was a reduced service with no services on Sundays while the upgrade work continued.

Is there a train from Camden to Gospel Oak?

In 1996, the line from Willesden through Gospel Oak to Camden was closed during conversion to 25 kv AC overhead. The platforms are high above street level with stairs and two lifts, one serving westbound trains, and one serving eastbound trains and the Barking line.