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Do you need a Sora license in New Jersey?

Do you need a Sora license in New Jersey?

Under New Jersey’s Security Officer Registration Act (SORA), all security officers must have a SORA license and undergo training. We are licensed through SORA to provide training and certification for security professionals in need of obtaining or renewing their NJSP SORA.

When do you no longer need SORA certification?

Fingerprinting is required via the vendor MorphoTrust. Upon retirement/termination of employment as a law enforcement officer, the training exemption is no longer applicable and completing the twenty-four (24) security officer training course provided by a certified SORA instructor is mandatory for the continued validity of the SORA certification.

What kind of iD do you need for Sora?

SORA has very strict guidelines when it comes to credentials and proof of identity: A temporary Certificate of Registration as a security officer AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

How to contact an instructor for Sora training?

At the end of the application there is a link to browse the instructor registry. The list of instructors can be searched by zip code, state/county or by an instructor’s last name. It is your responsibility to contact an instructor and schedule the 24 hour training class within 30 days from the date of your application.

What does Sora stand for in New Jersey?

SORA is the New Jersey Security Officer Registration Act. The Act requires security professionals working within New Jersey to have a SORA license. SORA is a training and certification program that not only allows an individual to work as a security officer but can also prepare you for other careers related to security and law enforcement.

How to become an unarmed security officer ( Sora )?

Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) Applications Unarmed Security Officer Certification Owner of New Agency Co-owner of New Agency Co-owner of Licensed Agency Armed Security Officer Certification Bounty Hunter Certification Private Detective Applications Qualified Owner of New PI Agency