What hero should I gild clicker heroes?

What hero should I gild clicker heroes?

Generally speaking, you want your Gilds on the heroes that you use most. At first, you should not re-Gild your heroes at all. Once you have reached level 200, the ideal Heroes to have gilded are Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, Samurai, and Forest Seer.

What’s the highest level in clicker heroes?

up to 10,000 levels. Pressing T will toggle between the levels. Leveling up a hero increases the amount of DPS it does.

What is a bloop coin in clicker heroes?

The Powerbloop, or Powerbloop Lottery, was a new feature added in patch 0.25, but removed in patch 1.0. Players could click an invincible Golden Bloop over and over again, getting a random number each time they clicked.

What do blue coins do in clicker heroes?

2. How do i get it again?/is they just luck? The ancient Fortuna, as well as certain relics, give you a chance of getting 10 times more gold when you get a kill. The blue coins are worth ten times more, and are the visual sign that Fortuna (or a relic) proc’d on your chest.

How do you get gold in clicker heroes?

Gold is the main currency in Clicker Heroes. It can be obtained from monster rewards, Golden Clicks, Clickables, and/or Mercenary quests.

Where do you find gilded heroes in clicker?

You can do this in the Gilded menu at the bottom of your Hero list. You can’t be too picky about which of your Heroes are Gilded early on, so be happy with what you can get. Later, when you have Hero Souls to spare, you should try to maximize your Gilds into gold-efficient and high DPS Heroes.

What’s the best early game strategy for clickerheroes?

A good early game strategy is to grind to zone 130, level up your heroes to 14,000 cumulative and then ascend, which will earn you anywhere from 12-15 Hero Souls, depending on primal boss spawns.

What can you buy with rubies in Clicker Heroes?

Rubies are the only currency you can use in the Shop, which is basically the cash shop of Clicker Heroes. There are only three things you can purchase in the Shop: Timelapse (20 Rubies) – Refreshes all your cooldowns and gives a huge boost to gold. 3 Gilded Heroes (30 Rubies) – Gives you three random Gilded Heroes.

When do you get hero souls in Clicker Heroes?

Hero Souls are your bread and butter and it’s essential that you not waste them. There are three ways to obtain Hero Souls: Primal Bosses give them upon defeat. These may appear every five levels after level 100. Quick Ascension, which is purchased via Rubies, gives them.