How many events are there in an Indian wedding?

How many events are there in an Indian wedding?

The traditional Indian wedding itself is a ritual of three separate events: the Sangeet and Mehendi, the ceremony, and the reception celebration.”

How can I make my wedding day unique?

50 Clever Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

  1. Hire a roaming raw bar.
  2. Surprise guests with an end-of-the-night food truck.
  3. Pick an unexpected backdrop for your engagement session.
  4. Show ’em some #Natitude.
  5. Guide guests to their seats with take-home wine stoppers.
  6. Frame the scenery.
  7. Forget the flower baskets.

What are the events in Indian marriage?

Hindu Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies

  • Engagement Ceremony.
  • Mehendi Ceremony.
  • Sangeet Ceremony.
  • Tilak/Sagan Ceremony.
  • Haldi Ceremony.
  • Roka Ceremony.

How can I surprise my wedding guests?

How To Surprise Your Wedding Guests

  1. Switch up the first dance.
  2. Make a surprise entrance.
  3. Consider your roots.
  4. Start a flash mob.
  5. Make the first dance song special.
  6. Introduce a little magic.
  7. Hire a photobooth.
  8. Put on a show.

How do I add personal touches to my wedding?

6 Small Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Reception

  1. Make your guest book a keepsake. Your guest book is already one of the most personal items at your reception.
  2. Put thought into collecting gifts.
  3. Serve a signature cocktail.
  4. Don’t forget dessert.
  5. Write your name all over the place.
  6. Customize your wedding favors.

Are there any fun games for Indian wedding?

We looked at some typical and traditional Indian wedding games earlier and now it’s time revisit some more fun ideas for wedding games that can elevate your wedding festivities from ho-hum to memorable. Wedding games go hand in hand with fun events that your guests and you will remember for years to come.

Can you play the ring toss at a Indian wedding?

Ring Toss This game is usually seen at fairs or melas but can definitely be an Indian wedding game! Keep aside a corner or stall at your wedding where this game can be played. Instead of tossing the rings on bottles or containers, place gifts.

What to do with guests at Indian wedding?

This Indian wedding game is perfect for all your guests to interact with each other. You can create a custom wheel of activities or let’s call them mini-dares of sorts that can be spun throughout your cocktail party.

What are the best games to play at a wedding?

Sangeet, dance, and wedding games make a wedding function zingy and peppy. Without them, a wedding function will become completely dull and lackluster. Everyone at the wedding loves to watch out the sweet tussle and banter between the bride and the groom when they play the wedding games.