How do you become a librarian in PA?

How do you become a librarian in PA?

Library Staff Certification Provisional librarian – Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college or university and completed at least 12 credit hours of library science course; and. Professional librarian – Bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college or university and master’s degree in library science.

What is a good major for library science?

Helpful undergraduate degrees may include mass communication and English for reference librarians, liberal arts paired with applied technology for automation librarians, and history and sociology for archive librarians.

How to become certified in Library Science in PA?

A student wishing to obtain Pennsylvania Library Science Certification for K-12 who holds a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate can complete the M.S.L.S. school library media and then check with the Pennsylvania Department of Education for additional certification requirements.

What can I do with Bachelor of Science in library science?

The Bachelor of Science in integrative studies, library and information studies concentration, prepares students to work as paraprofessionals and provisional librarians in a variety of settings, including public libraries in Pennsylvania.

Is there a library science degree at Clarion University?

This program is offered at the Clarion campus and online. Clarion University’s Master of Science in information and library science program was the first of its kind in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. At Clarion University, an increasingly popular way to earn your M.S.L.S. degree is online.

How long is the Master of library and Information Science?

Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) 1 Program Details. The MLIS degree is a 36-credit program that can be completed in three consecutive terms of full-time study or up to four years (twelve terms) of part-time study. 2 Thematic Areas. 3 Statute of Limitations. 4 Learn More