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What is a 2000 pipe?

What is a 2000 pipe?

A-2000™ is a seamless profile wall PVC pipe extruded with a smooth interior and corrugated exterior. A-2000 provides excellent durability and resistance to abrasion and scour. It withstands corrosive attack from both acidic and alkaline soils and is unaffected by chemicals found in normal sewage.

How PVC pipe is measured?

PVC Pipe sizes are so named by the measurement of the inside diameter (also called the bore) of the PVC pipe, and not the outside diameter. The pipe will always be larger on the outside than the size name, as the thickness of the ‘walls’ of the pipe make it larger.

What is a profile wall pipe?

Profile wall pipes are defined as “a pipe wall construction that presents a smooth interior wall in the waterway but includes ribs, corrugations, or other shapes, which can be either solid or hollow, that helps brace the pipe against diametrical deformation” (ASTM F2306/F2306M).

What is storm drain pipe?

A storm drain is a channel or pipe used to carry off rainwater. The term could be used for drains at a home or businesses as well as for the pipes that are part of a city’s drainage system. Trenchless construction is an effective method for installation, repair or cleaning of storm drains.

What is profile PVC pipe?

About Kor-Flo PVC Profile Pipe Kor-Flo PVC Profile Pipe is a dual wall corrugated pipe. It is lighter than solid wall SDR 35 gasketed sewer pipe but has the same strength and flow properties. Gaskets are installed on the spigot end of the pipe during the manufacturing process.

What is open profile pipe?

Open Profile Pipe: a pipe product that has an essentially smooth waterway braced circumferentially or spirally with outside corrugations.

How big is a 2000 PVC drainage pipe?

A-2000 Drainage Pipe CONTECH PVC double-wall pipe is the latest in drainage pipe technology and engineering design. A-2000 Drainage Pipe, available in 12”-36” diameters, combines the proven durability RECYCLED PAPER CONTECH Construction Products Inc. provides site solutions for the civil engineering industry.

What is the patent number for a 2000 PVC pipe?

SEE THE CONTECH STANDARD CONDITION OF SALES (VIEWABLE AT WWW.CONTECH-CPI.COM/COS) FOR MORE INFORMATION. A-2000 is manufactured under U.S. patent numbers 4,702,502; 4,846,660 and 5,124,109 BRO-A-2000 FC (Replaces CP-1088-3) 1/10 2M ©2010 CONTECH CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS INC. All rights reserved. Printed in USA.

What are the features of Contech a-2000 perforated pipe?

A-2000 perforated pipe for subdrainage systems CONTECH A-2000 perforated pipe (4”-36” diameters) has several important features that make it the designer’s first choice for subsurface drainage systems: l46 psi pipe stiffness for deflection control. lSmooth interior for improved hydraulic capacity.

What does tma-2000 stand for in PVC pipe?

A-2000™PVC Pipe Fittings and Components General Notes 1. * Indicates a fabricated part. 2. ** Indicates a molded part with bushing or adaptor. 3. All drawings herein are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended as true representations of actual parts. 4. This catalog contains the most commonly used TMA-2000 fittings and components.