Are hollow body guitars worth it?

Are hollow body guitars worth it?

These guitars are often referred to as “jazz boxes” since they’re commonly used for jazz and are, well, boxy. If you’re into very open, natural tone, and more subdued genres of music, a hollow body might be a good option for you.

Are hollow body guitars good for rhythm?

As a rhythm guitarist you want to blend in more with the bass to form the foundation in the band. Hollowbodies can give you feedback if you use a lot of distortion and gain but work excellently when the amount of gain is moderate or when playing clean.

How do you pronounce Ibanez?

Spelled “Aibanīzu” in its native Japanese, this venerable guitar brand is sometimes mispronounced as if it were the Spanish name Ibáñez. To pronounce Ibanez correctly, put the emphasis on the “I” and simply say I-buh-nez.

Where are Ibanez hollow body guitars made?

In the USA Ibanez facilities in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and Idaho Falls, Idaho, the AF 195 series were inspected and set-up by Ibanez USA quality control. It’s only stated “Made in Japan” on the Artcore United guitars.

What is an artcore guitar?

Ibanez Artcore hollowbody and semi-hollowbody guitars have become a massive hit with the public. When you do plug in, the Ibanez Artcore series feature pickups that kick out big, bold humbucker tone. And with set necks and solid hardware, the Ibanez Artcore series guitars are loaded with sustain.

Who plays a semi-hollow body guitar?

An instrument this versatile could never be pigeonholed into one genre. Rock players from Eric Clapton to Gary Moore to Ted Nugent have toured and recorded with semi-hollowbody electric guitars.

What is the point of a semi-hollow guitar?

Semi-hollow guitars share some of the tonal characteristics of hollow guitars, such as their praised warmth and clean tone. However, the addition of the central block helps to manage feedback and allows the guitar to be played normally at higher gain and higher volume.