How can I immigrate to Chile?

How can I immigrate to Chile?

Foreigners can apply for a work visa at their country’s Chilean Embassy, or at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital city of Santiago. You must include a letter from your employer and a notarized work contract (in Spanish) with your visa application.

Does Chile have an immigration problem?

Illegal immigration in Chile is a phenomenon that largely began in the 1990s as a result of economic growth and political stability in Chile. Most immigrants are South American, with the largest wave being Peruvian, although there has also been a significant amount of migration from the Caribbean.

Do people migrate to Chile?

Chile is a country whose inhabitants are mainly of Iberian, mostly of Andalusian and Basque origin, and Native American, mostly descended from Mapuche peoples. Today, most immigrants come from other American countries. The largest immigrant group comes from Venezuela, followed by Peru, Haiti, and Colombia.

Is Chile good for immigration?

Chile has recently become a magnet for migrants. From 2007 to 2015 the number of immigrants living in Chile increased by 143% to 465,000 people, about 2.7% of the population. That is the third-highest rate of increase among members of the OECD, a rich-country club. Now 1m foreigners are thought to live in Chile.

How many Venezuelans are there in Chile?

More than 457,000 Venezuelans are estimated to be living in Chile. Most of them have legal status; however, government migration policies implemented since 2019 have made it increasingly difficult for Venezuelans to apply for and obtain visas or asylum, which limits their options for regularization.

How many immigrants are in Argentina?

These trends made Argentina the country with the second-largest number of immigrants, with 6.6 million, second only to the United States with 27 million.

Do you need a visa for Chile?

To travel to Chile, you will need a Visa given at/by the Chilean Embassy in your country. However, citizens of these countries do not need a visa: For those who want to stay longer in the country, you need to fill some forms to get the new visa.

How to get Chilean residency?

How to obtain permanent residency in Chile? As of May 1 st , 2019, all applications for permanent residency are to be made online, and no longer by mail. First of all, to apply for permanent residency, you must have a “clave única”, which is a unique password that allows you to access all the services of the State, safely and easily.

Is Chile a city?

Name: Chile. (long form) Republic of Chile. Capital City: Santiago (5,278,044 pop.) (7.2 Million metro) Chile Population: 17,216,945 (2013 est.) World Populations (all countries)