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Which district in Kerala has highest Christian population?

Which district in Kerala has highest Christian population?

In comparison with the rest of India, Kerala experiences relatively little sectarianism. Hindus represent the biggest religious group in all districts except Malappuram, where they are outnumbered by Muslims….Religious Demographics of Malabar District (1871 – 1951)

Religion 3
1871 1.43%
1951 3.24%

Which is the largest Christian community in Kerala?

Syro-Malabar Catholic Church – an Eastern Catholic church of the East Syriac Rite (Edessan Rite) – the largest Christian denomination in Kerala.

How many Christians are in Thrissur?

Total population of Thrissur district is 3,121,200 as per census 2011. Hinduism constitutes 58.42% of Thrissur population….Thrissur District Religion Census 2011.

District Thrissur
Hindu 58.42 %
Muslim 17.07 %
Christian 24.27 %
Sikh 0.01 %

Which state has highest Christian population in India?

Largest Christian population in Kerala at 6.14 million (18.4% of state population), Majority in Nagaland at 87.9%, Mizoram at 87.2% and Meghalaya at 74.6%.

Which religion came first in Kerala?

There are mainly three religions in Kerala – Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. As far as the religion of Kerala is concerned, the origins could be traced to Hinduism. Then came in the Islamic faith and Christianity with their various sects.

Is there a large Christian population in Kerala?

Although a minority, the Christian population of Kerala is proportionally much larger than that of India as a whole. A significant portion of the Indian Christian population resides in the state. This section needs additional citations for verification.

What was the population of Kerala in 2001?

Between 2001 -2011, Hindu population of the state grew by 2.23%, the Christian population grew by 1.38%, while the Muslim population exploded by 13% approx. In the 0-6 year age group, Kerala counted 36.74% of the children as Muslim in the 2011 census.

Is the population of Muslims declining in Kerala?

The population growth of all communities, including that of Muslims, has been declining over the decades. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Muslim population in the state is increasing while the strength of Christians and Hindus is declining.

Which is the third most practised religion in Kerala?

Christianity in Kerala. Christianity is the third-most practised religion in Kerala, accounting for 18% of the population according to the Indian census.