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How do you become a MOS Master?

How do you become a MOS Master?

MOS Expert–Pass exams in Word or Excel to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert certification. Being certified as an MOS Expert demonstrates you have advanced skills in key Office programs. MOS Master–Pass exams in Word or Excel to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification.

How do I get Microsoft Office Specialist certification?

How to Become a Microsoft Office Specialist

  1. Step 1: Obtain Basic Computer Skills.
  2. Step 2: Enroll in Microsoft Office Courses.
  3. Step 3: Choose a MOS Certification Program.
  4. Step 4: Prepare for and Pass MOS Certification Exams.

How long does it take to get a Microsoft Office Specialist certification?

How long does it take to get MOS certification? There is no specific answer to this question as the time taken to complete MOS certification vary from one person to the other. But in most cases, it will take you 80-120 hours to prepare for the exam then the actual exam will take 90 minutes per paper.

How much does it cost to get MOS certified?

MOS exams are administered at third-party Certiport Authorized Testing Centers. For an individual purchaser, the cost to take each exam is $100 USD.

What is MOS Master certification?

Summary: For individuals who wish to demonstrate expertise in using Microsoft Office programs and Windows operating systems. This certification is available at Core and Expert levels.

Is the Microsoft Office Specialist exam hard?

Microsoft certification exams are usually hard, really hard. They are generally not very fun to take. The exams dive into minutia, asking questions that people with years of experience can’t answer.

What is MOS Master Certification?

What jobs can you get with a MOS certification?

MOS certifications help qualify you for a variety of positions including:

  • Office Manager.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • IT Support Technician.
  • SharePoint Specialist.
  • Database Specialist.
  • Workbook Developer.
  • Research Analyst.

What is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist?

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers. Microsoft Office is a powerful service designed to unleash the best ideas, get things done and stay connected on the go.

What jobs require a Microsoft certification?

A Microsoft Office Specialist has passed an exam in one of the component applications of Microsoft Office. These include Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access. The certifications are designed for people with careers as administrative professionals, clerical workers and business analysts.

How can I get a Microsoft certification?

You can earn a Microsoft Certified IT Professional credential by passing an MCTS exam in combination with an advanced test in the same technology. Microsoft offers high-level certifications in the Master and Architect credentials.

What are the benefits of MOS certification?

When people at any level of an organization are not proficient with Microsoft Office, the productivity of the company is decreased. An MOS Certification for employees and management benefit the company by maximizing the productivity levels, but also assist with keeping documentation organized.