Who cover 4 Non Blondes What up?

Who cover 4 Non Blondes What up?


Title Performer Release date
What’s Up 4 Non Blondes October 13, 1992
What’s Up D.J. Miko 1993
What’s Up Off the Beat June 1994
What’s Up Margot Roeken 1994

Who originally sang whats up?

4 Non Blondes
What’s Up? (4 Non Blondes song)

“What’s Up?”
Label Interscope
Songwriter(s) Linda Perry
Producer(s) David Tickle
4 Non Blondes singles chronology

Is whats up a cover song?

What’s Up? – Acoustic Cover – song by 4 Non Blondes, Milli Davis | Spotify.

Who wrote whatsup?

Linda Perry
Pleasantly Blue/Lyricists

Where are the 4 Non Blondes now?

The remaining members of 4 Non Blondes have also continued to find happiness with music. Former guitarist Shauna Hall tours with funk band George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, while fellow 4NB guitarist Roger Rocha also continues to tour and make music with his band the Goldenhearts.

Who is 4 Non Blondes lead singer?

Lead singer and main songwriter for 4 Non Blondes, wrote international hit “What’s Up?” Linda Perry, as lead singer and main songwriter for 4 Non Blondes, wrote the group’s international 1993 hit “What’s Up?” prior to establishing herself as a major songwriter and producer.

Who sings the song What’s going on?

Marvin Gaye
What’s Going On/Artists

What happened 4 Non Blondes?

Disbanding. The group disbanded in late 1994 during the recording of their second album. Perry has said that she had been unhappy with Bigger, Better, Faster, More! She has also explained that her sexuality had a part to play in her tensions with the group.

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