How do outbreaks work in pandemic board?

How do outbreaks work in pandemic board?

An outbreak occurs if a player is required to add a cube to a city that already has 3 cubes in it of that color. When this happens, instead of adding a 4th cube, add a cube of the outbreaking color to each adjacent city. Each time a city outbreaks, move the Outbreaks Marker up one space on the Outbreak Indicator.

What are the rules of pandemic board game?

In Pandemic, you and your fellow players are members of a disease control team. You must work together to develop cures and prevent disease outbreaks, before 4 deadly diseases (Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red) contaminate humanity. Pandemic is a cooperative game. The players all win or lose together.

How many infection cards do you draw in pandemic?

Infection and outbreak markers are placed at the first space on their respective tracks. Players shuffle the infection deck. Three cards and three cubes of the appropriate color are drawn.

Do you have to do 4 actions in pandemic?

You do not have to take all 4 actions, sometimes you may want to end up in a particular city to trade a card for example. But after taking 4 or fewer actions, you must draw 2 cards.

Do you infect cities after every turn pandemic?

Infect cities The last step of each player’s turn is to infect more cities. To do this, flip over as many infection cards as the current infection rate indicates. This will increase with each epidemic card you draw.

Can you infect a city with a research station in pandemic?

Yes! Like he said except…

How do you win Pandemic rules?

Players collectively win the game immediately when the cures for all four diseases (Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red) have been discovered. Players do not need to administer cures to every infected city in order to win the game-victory is instant when any player discovers the fourth and final cure.

What are the 4 diseases in Pandemic game?

Pandemic Survival Series In addition, players could play to cure four specific historical diseases: malaria, typhus, yellow fever, and cholera.

Can you win Pandemic by eradicate without curing?

End of the game and how to win Pandemic ends as soon as players have found cures for all four diseases. (You do not need to eradicate any diseases to win.) Because it’s a co-op game, everyone wins!

Can Pandemic be played with 6 players?

Pandemic-optional-rules-1.0 txt These rules allow 5-10 players to play Pandemic, and only require an extra set of pawns and role cards.

Do you have to use all your moves in Pandemic?

Up to 4. There is no requirement to do any moves at all actually.