What is System of a Down known for?

What is System of a Down known for?

System of a Down (also known as SoaD or simply System) is an Armenian-American heavy metal band formed in Glendale, California, in 1994. System of a Down has been nominated for four Grammy Awards and their song “B.Y.O.B.” won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2006.

What nationality is System of a Down?

All four members of System of a Down are of Armenian heritage. Daron Malakian, the band’s guitarist and chief songwriter, is the only one who was born in the United States. His parents emigrated from Iraq—where small communities of settlers from nearby Armenia live—in 1974, the year before he was born.

Why System of a Down broke up?

The band eventually split due to creative differences. Malakian, the second vocalist, started his own band in 2008 called Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway. System of a Down in its heyday was well known for its outrageous-political music, which kept metal alive when it was dying in the ’90s.

Who died from System of a Down?

Serj Tankian
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Alternative metal nu metal heavy metal hard rock progressive rock alternative rock
Occupation(s) Musician singer songwriter record producer political activist
Instruments Vocals keyboards piano guitar

Who’s the drummer for System of a Down?

John DolmayanSince 1997
Ontronik Khachaturian1994 – 1997
System of a Down/Drummers
Serj Tankian admits it’s “frustrating being politically opposite” to System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan. System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has spoken of his frustration at “being politically opposite” to the band’s drummer, John Dolmayan.

Is System of a Down drummer good?

He is best known as the drummer of System of a Down. Dolmayan is also the drummer for the band Indicator and former drummer for Scars on Broadway. Dolmayan ranked number 33 on Loudwire list of Top 200 Hard Rock + Metal Drummers of All Time….

John Dolmayan
Website systemofadown.com

What drum set does System of a Down Use?

Tama Starclassic kit
John: Yes. It’s a Tama Starclassic kit, which sounds great.

Who influenced System of a Down?

Their works have earned them one Grammy Award amongst three nominations. The band has been influenced by heavy metal, punk rock and Armenian folk. System of a Down went on hiatus in 2006, with Serj Tankian pursuing a solo career and Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan forming Scars on Broadway.

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