Who owns Ardagh glass?

Who owns Ardagh glass?

Ardagh Group S.A.
Ardagh Group/Parent organizations

What does Ardagh do?

Ardagh​​ Group is a global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable, metal and glass packaging for brand owners around the world. The consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investment in our people and processes, underpins everything we do.

Is Ardagh a good company to work for?

Ardagh is a good place to work if you don’t mind forced overtime, and like relatively easy work (boring) depending on your position. -You can make really good money at this company if you like working lots of overtime, and don’t care about your work environment.

Where is Ardagh Group based?

Ardagh Group is a Luxembourg-based producer of glass and metal products that has “grown in the past two decades into one of the world’s largest metal and glass packaging companies”….Ardagh Group.

Ardagh Group site in Nienburg, Germany
Industry Packaging
Founded 1932, Dublin
Headquarters Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Number of locations 109

How much is Ardagh Group worth?

Ardagh Group Revenue Breakdown Ardagh Group’s revenue was reported to be $6.66 b in FY, 2019 which is a 26.8% decrease from the previous period.

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Can making companies?

Top five aluminium die casting machinery manufacturers in the world

  • Ball Corporation. Ball Corporation is the largest manufacturer of recyclable aluminium beverage cans in North America.
  • Ardagh Group.
  • Crown Holdings.
  • Silgan Containers.
  • Metal Container Corporation.

Is Ardagh a union?

Independent United Workers Union (Ardagh Group) | National Labor Relations Board.

Does Ardagh Group drug test?

3 answers. Drug test via hair. Urine and hair.

Is Ardagh Group A Good Investment?

Valuation metrics show that Ardagh Group S.A. may be undervalued. Its Value Score of A indicates it would be a good pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of ARD, demonstrate its potential to outperform the market. It currently has a Growth Score of B.

Does Ardagh Group pay dividends?

Ardagh Group (NYSE:ARD) pays quarterly dividends to shareholders.

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