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Why is melancholia rated R?

Why is melancholia rated R?

The other big issue is sexuality, with the main character (played by Kirsten Dunst) appearing fully naked in more than one scene and having sex with a younger man (not her husband) on her wedding day. Language includes infrequent use of “f–k” and “s–t,” and characters occasionally drink alcohol, mostly at a wedding.

Why is Justine in melancholia depressed?

Justine is unable to get joy from anything (the technical term for which is anhedonia), even her wedding, which is the setting for the film’s first half. She is so depleted of energy that she wanders through her wedding like a zombie (fatigue, another key feature of a depressive episode).

Why is melancholy important as an aesthetic emotion?

In this article, we want to show the relevance and importance of melancholy as an aesthetic emotion. Melancholy often plays a role in our encounters with art works, and it is also present in some of our aesthetic responses to the natural environment.

Which is the most distinctive character of melancholy?

To this end, we argue that it is the distinctive character of melancholy, its dual character and its differences from sadness and depression, which distinguishes it as an aesthetic emotion. Besides my other numerous circle of acquaintances I have one more intimate confidant-my melancholy.

Is there an object of reflection in melancholy?

There can also be cases, however, in which there is no object of reflection in melancholy. In these cases, a melancholic mood descends upon us and is caused by being in the sort of place that easily invites reflection or a pensive mood, such as a church.

Which is more complex, melancholy or sublimity?

Melancholy is no less complex a phenomenon than sublimity, and it has a role to play in many works of art. Looking further back into the history of philosophy and literature, there are chapters in which the topic is touched upon.