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Who is Yazaki and what does Yazaki do?

Who is Yazaki and what does Yazaki do?

Yazaki North America, Inc. is part of the Yazaki Group. An independent automotive component maker founded in Japan in 1941, Yazaki is a global leader in the research, development and delivery of vehicle power and data solutions for automotive applications.

Where can I find the Yazaki app portal?

These applications are intended for Yazaki employees and appropriate parties. Authorization and correct Login / Password are required. For system problems, please call 734-983-1480. Interested in our products, solutions and services?

Who are the suppliers of YAZAKI Europe group?

1. Supplier: General Terms of Purchase (Automotive) of Yazaki Europe Group 2. Supplier: General Terms of Purchase (Non-Automotive) of Yazaki Europe Group 3. Supplier: Supplier Quality Manual 4. Supplier: Supplier Logistics Manual 5. Supplier: Supplier Code of Conduct

How many employees does Yazaki automotive company have?

With more than 300,000 employees in 46 countries, Yazaki is one of the world’s largest privately-owned automotive suppliers. Every day we put our resources to work for one specific purpose: to help our customers achieve success.

What kind of jobs can you get at Yazaki?

There is a wide variety of career disciplines available at Yazaki, including: 1 Accounting 2 Engineering 3 Finance 4 Human Resources 5 Information Technology 6 Legal 7 Logistics 8 Manufacturing 9 Marketing 10 Program Management

When do you get vacation time at Yazaki?

Yazaki North & Central America will also provide a matching contribution to the investment and an employer pension contribution. During your first year of employment, you will be awarded vacation time based on a pro-rated schedule. Thereafter, vacation time will be issued as of January 1st.