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Where are Feetures socks manufactured?

Where are Feetures socks manufactured?

Feetures Merino 10 Collection. Performance Socks from Feetures, based in North Carolina, raises the bar with a new line of Merino Wool Socks for Fall. The socks are a blend of wool with a synthetic Tencel yarn spun together to create a softer, stretchier, warmer, drier and more durable Merino sock.

What is medium sock size?

Size and Care

Sock Size US Men’s Shoe Size US Women’s Shoe Size
Small 4-6.5
Medium 6-8.5 7-9.5
Large 9-12 10-13
X-Large 12.5-15.5

Are there any known issues with JDeveloper 12c?

This document contains a list of known issues (and, where applicable workarounds for those issues) for the following products: Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) 12c ( This document describes known issues with the release. If and when new issues are discovered they will be added to this document.

What makes Elite socks the best performance socks?

If you’re looking for the best performance sock on the planet, our Elite socks have it all. They feature Targeted Compression, zone specific compression where you need it most for superior comfort and support. As a result they have an anatomical design, meaning they conform to the left and right structure of the foot.

What does graduated compression do to a sock?

Graduated Compression in the leg features 15-20 mmHg of compression at the ankle and gradually lessons towards the top of the sock, providing increased blood flow for enhanced performance and faster recovery.

Can you download JDeveloper 12.1.3 without JDK 7?

Fewer features means smaller download and improved performance. Prerequites and recommended components for Oracle JDeveloper 12c ( Generic for all the platforms (without JDK 7) installation are available for downloading in the table below.