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When did the Ping i25 irons come out?

When did the Ping i25 irons come out?

Ping i25 Irons – Product Details

UK Launch 02 January 2014
USA Launch 02 January 2014
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

Does ping make a 3 iron?

Ping Zing 2 Individual 3 Iron RH JZ Steel Shaft Red Dot Original Grip Karsten.

What is the loft on Ping i25 irons?

Ping i25 Wedge Specifications

Club Length Loft
PW 35.50” 46°
UW 35.50” 50°
SW 35.25” 54°
LW 35.00” 58°

Are Ping I5 irons forgiving?

Ping I5 irons have a traditional look and are easy to hit with. The irons are extremely forgiving. In fact, the irons are so forgiving that even off-center hits still feel and travel decent. The I5 irons perform consistently in regards to distance control.

Are Ping i25 any good?

FEEL: The i25 is well balanced and stable throughout the swing; very good sensation at impact. LOOK: An attractive, thin profile; surprisingly clean at address, with more of a modern look behind the face; hides its game-improvement elements well—minimal offset, medium topline, square set up.

Are Ping i25 forged?

The Ping i25 irons are available now and retail at $699 for seven irons. The Ping i25 irons fall into a specific class of irons. Regardless of the non-forged head, the i25 delivers a forged feel with the forgiveness that you would expect from a larger cavity back with the top line of a player iron.

Can you buy Ping irons individually?

Availability: PING Individual Irons are custom built and ship directly from PING. PING’s Current Production Time may vary from 4-6 Weeks. Payment will be taken in full upon placement of order.

Are Ping i25 irons good?

What is the difference between blue dot and black dot Ping irons?

The base for the Ping color chart is the black dot. The blue dot hosels are 0.75 of a degree more upright than black, followed by yellow, green, white, silver and maroon, with an additional 0.75 degree more upright at each level, culminating in the maroon clubs being 4.5 degrees more upright.

What are the characteristics of a ping I25?

The i25s are designed as a progressive set, with forgiveness and high-launch characteristics in the long irons giving way to softer, feel-oriented short irons.

What kind of wedges do Ping I25 irons have?

Most sets would stop at this point or chuck in some fairly average wedges that you would never buy, but Ping have done something different. They have designed a gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge to go with the set and carry on the principles of the i25 model right through to the most lofted club in the bag.

Is the CTP on the Ping I25 Irons right?

As a low handicapper myself, the trajectory that the CTP and the stablising bars on the back of the head gives is right where you would expect it to be throughout the set. Using Ping’s excellent custom fitting service will get you the right lie and shaft to fine tune the flight further.

What kind of back iron does Ping use?

With each generation of the i-range of irons, Ping manage to get their cast, cavity back irons looking and feeling more like forged, better player blade/cavity irons and that is about the biggest compliment I can give them.