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When did The Brittas Empire start?

When did The Brittas Empire start?

January 3, 1991
The Brittas Empire/First episode date

How many series of The Brittas Empire are there?

seven series
The Brittas Empire was broadcast for 52 episodes between 1991 and 1997, spanning seven series and two Christmas Specials, along with one short episode for Children in Need.

Where is The Brittas Empire set?

The cast members of the popular 1990s BBC sitcom The Brittas Empire have attended a reunion at the leisure centre where the series was filmed in Ringwood, Hampshire.

Who played Mr Brittas wife?

This is a list of characters from The Brittas Empire, a British television sitcom that aired on BBC1 in the 1990s….Julie Porter (Series 2–7)

Julie Porter
Last appearance Series Seven, Episode Eight: “The Curse of the Tiger Woman” (1997)
Portrayed by Judy Flynn

Is The Brittas Empire on BritBox?

The Brittas Empire S3 – Comedy | BritBox.

Who played Tim in The Brittas Empire?

It’s 20 years since The Brittas Empire was on our screens. At the time, Tim and Gavin were the first openly same-sex couple to ever appear in a British comedy on the BBC, and according to the actor who played Tim, Russell Porter, they’d still be together now and married.

What happened to Chris Barrie?

Since Barrie has continued his work as a voice artist, voicing countless characters and narrating a myriad of television production and blockbuster films.

Is Brittas Empire streaming?

The Brittas Empire is not available for streaming.

Are the goodies on BritBox?

21 episodes of classic comedy will be available for streaming in July. Since BritBox launched in Australia, The Goodies has become one of their most requested shows. In July, it will become a reality as Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and the late Tim Brooke-Taylor, come to streaming.

Why did Chris Barrie return to Red Dwarf?

Barrie has played the character Arnold J. Rimmer in all twelve series of Red Dwarf, appearing in almost every episode of the series, absent only for a period during series 7. When an unsold pilot for an American version of the show was produced, Barrie was invited to reprise his role as Rimmer.

Is The Brittas Empire coming back?

Stars of The Brittas Empire are staging a reunion this week. They are set to reprise their roles for a virtual event to mark the 30th anniversary of the sitcom. A TV insider said: “There has been talk about a reunion for years and finally it’s happening.

Who is Gordon Brittas in the Brittas Empire?

Chris Barrie plays Gordon Brittas. He is the well-meaning but incompetent manager of Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre. The show ran for seven series and 52 episodes — including two Christmas specials — from 1991 to 1997 on BBC1. Norriss and Fegen wrote the first five series.

When did The Brittas Empire series come out?

The Brittas Empire – Complete Series One was released on 21 July 2003, followed by series two on 20 October 2003, and then series three was released on 29 January 2004. Series four was released in the same year on 29 July, and the final series by Norriss and Fegen, series five, was released on 4 October 2004.

Who are the enemies in the Brittas Empire?

One of Brittas’ enemies is coating random items with glue, and shady characters keep appearing in the Centre. This leads to a bloody massacre in the squash courts, the felling of several OAPs, and Brittas facing trial for drug-running and multiple murders.

How did Chris Barrie die in Brittas Empire?

The series’ writers, Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen, decided to make series five the final series, thus Brittas was ‘killed’ by a falling water tank (only to be brought back to life in bizarre circumstances). However, Chris Barrie returned to play Brittas for a further two series, as the BBC wanted it to continue.