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What volume is date a live at?

What volume is date a live at?

As of now there are 22 volumes and 10 side story volumes released in Japan….Buy new: $12.99.

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Who is the 8th Spirit in DATE A LIVE?

Known Spirits

Spirit Number Spirit Codename
7 Natsumi Kyouno Witch
8 Yamai Sisters Berserk
9 Miku Izayoi Diva
10 Tohka Yatogami Princess

Who was Natsumi pretending to be in date a live?

Both suggestions caused Shido to realize that there were 13 suspects within the 12 photos: Natsumi had transformed herself into an inanimate object. At last Shido understand that Natsumi had transformed herself into Yoshino’s puppet Yoshinon.

Does Natsumi kiss Shido?

But, when Shido was in danger and no one could save him, Natsumi appeared against her will and saved Shido. After the fight, Natsumi cried as the group gave her unexpected praise for her actions. As they headed back to Ratatoskr, Natsumi pulled Shido to a spot where the other girls couldn’t see and kissed Shido.

Is kotori stronger than Kurumi?

Kurumi is already the strongest out of all of them. The only reason she was beat by Kotori is because she used up most of her spirit mana when using her clones to surround Tohka, origami, and Shido. She also used up mana when fighting Mana and when she used time to kill her clone when Shido was trying to help her.

How many volumes of date a live are there?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Date A Live logo Date A Live (Japanese: デート・ア・ライブ, Hepburn: Dēto A Raibu) is a romantic comedy and science fiction Japanese light novel series written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. Twenty-two volumes have been published at Fujimi Shobo.

Is there a date a live manga adaptation?

A manga adaption of Date A Live with illustrations by Ringo began on April 16, 2012. Due to Ringo having health problems, the manga was cancelled after 6 chapters. The adaptation ended covering only a part of Shido’s first date with Tohka.

Who is the author of date a live?

Date A Live (デート・ア・ライブ) is a Japanese Light Novel series written by Tachibana Koushi (橘公司), with illustrations by Tsunako (つなこ), published by Fujimi Shobo under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label. The novel was first published in March 2011.

Where does the date a live story take place?

“Now, let our date ( battle) begin!” The story is set in an alternate Earth where phenomena known by the generic term “Spacequakes” occur. The first of these spacequakes devastated thirty years before the time the story takes place, claiming 150 million lives.