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What percentage of Wounded Warrior project goes to vets?

What percentage of Wounded Warrior project goes to vets?

100% of your donation supports wounded warriors. 71% pays for programs, and the balance pays to support those programs. We are pleased to report nearly $197 million went directly to programs for wounded warriors as reported in our FY 2020 IRS Form 990.

Is Wounded Warrior a government agency?

The Wounded Warrior Program (WWP) is a Department of Defense (DOD) initiative that follows the Government Executive Order # 13518, November 9, 2009, Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government.

What is a Navy Wounded Warrior?

Navy Wounded Warrior is the Navy’s sole organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and providing resources and support to their families.

How much of wounded warrior donations go to administration?

How much of wounded warrior donations go to administration?

Program Expenses (Percent of the charity’s total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers) 71.5%
Administrative Expenses 5.4%
Fundraising Expenses 22.9%
Fundraising Efficiency $0.25
Working Capital Ratio (years) 1.17

Who qualifies for wounded warrior program?

The WWP mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to your military service on or after September 11, 2001. You may also be eligible for the program if you are the family member or caregiver of a Wounded Warrior.

What percentage of donations go to St. Jude’s?

How much of every dollar received goes to support the patients and research? For the past seven years, 82 cents of every dollar received has gone to support the treatment, research and future needs of St. Jude.

What percentage of donations Wounded Warrior?

Beyond being within regulations, the percentage of Wounded Warrior Project money that is donated to their stated cause is 38% of all funds. This, again, is not the best, but it is good.

How do you donate to Wounded Warriors?

It’s so easy: just call 855-520-2100, or click the “Donate Here” button. We at Cars2Charities come to you, on behalf of Wounded Warriors – whenever it’s convenient, wherever you choose, usually in 24-48 hours.

Who does Wounded Warriors help?

The Wounded Warrior Project assists injured and disabled veterans with all forms of rehabilitation. This can include but it not limited to: prosthetic’s, home health care, home modifications such as wheelchair ramps, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, or the entire home if necessary to accommodate the veterans newly acquired disability.

What was Wounded Warrior scandal?

The situation at Wounded Warriors is reminiscent of two former scandals in the nonprofit world. The first scandal we might liken it to is the storied excess of William Aramony, who led the United Way for 22 years.