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What is the cost for emissions test in AZ?

What is the cost for emissions test in AZ?

Important Information: The cost for most vehicles is $17 and is paid to the testing facility. If you have a “Check Engine” light on, you will fail the test.

What year cars are exempt from emissions in Arizona?

A: Vehicles that are model year 1967 and newer and more than 5 years old require emissions—this includes gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles. Alternative fuel, flexible fuel (E85) and hybrid vehicles also require emissions. Newer vehicles are exempt for the first 5 years of registration.

How do I know if I need an emissions test Arizona?

Q: How will I be notified if my vehicle needs a test? A: Motor Vehicle (MVD) will send a renewal notice stating if your vehicle requires emissions, or you may call (602)771-3950.

Does Arizona require emissions testing?

Emissions testing is required for many different kinds of vehicles in Arizona. Emissions testing locations within the state perform multiple exams on vehicles to verify that they are safe to operate in the environment before a car registration renewal.

How much does emissions test cost in Arizona?

It will cost you $27.75 to have a normal emissions test in AZ; note, this is non-refundable, even if you fail and need retest.

What is emissions testing?

Emissions testing checks the levels of hazardous materials that escape from a motor vehicle with a combustion engine. In many areas of the United States, particularly those that are urban or suburban, emissions testing is mandatory. The goal of mandated emissions testing is to cut down on pollutants…

What is emissions check?

An emissions check is a test which is performed to determine the nature of emissions produced through the process of combustion. People most commonly think of emissions checks in the context of tests performed on motor vehicles to determine whether or not they meet emissions standards set by the government.