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What is Baxter State Park known for?

What is Baxter State Park known for?

Katahdin rises above Katahdin Stream Campground in Baxter State Park. Baxter State Park is a large wilderness area permanently preserved as a state park in Northeast Piscataquis, Piscataquis County in north-central Maine, United States. The park is home to the state’s highest peak, Mount Katahdin.

Who owns Baxter State Park in Maine?

Percival P. Baxter
Not really a “state” park, it was a gift to the people of Maine from just one person, Percival P. Baxter. The Park covers 209,644 acres in northern Maine, encompassing its own mountain range dominated by Katahdin, Maine’s highest mountain. It is administered by a special three-member Authority.

Why is Percival Baxter famous?

Percival Proctor Baxter (November 22, 1876 – June 12, 1969) was an American politician and philanthropist from Maine. The son of canning magnate and Portland, Maine mayor James Phinney Baxter, he served as the 53rd Governor of the U.S. state of Maine from 1921 to 1925.

Why is Katahdin called the Mountain of the people?

Named Katahdin, which means “The Greatest Mountain”, by the Penobscot Native Americans, it is within Northeast Piscataquis, Piscataquis County, and is the centerpiece of Baxter State Park. It is a steep, tall massif formed from a granite intrusion weathered to the surface….

Mount Katahdin
Designated 1967

Is Baxter State Park worth visiting?

You may not have ever heard of Baxter State Park. It’s a gorgeous spot in the North Woods of Maine, centered around Mount Katahdin. While most of our US travel is focused on visiting US National Park Service sites, this state park, like Custer State Park in South Dakota, is every bit as worthy of a visit.

What is the lowest spot in Maine?

Highest and Lowest Elevations

State or possession Highest point Lowest Point
Maine Mount Katahdin Atlantic Ocean
Maryland Hoye Crest Atlantic Ocean
Massachusetts Mount Greylock Atlantic Ocean
Michigan Mount Arvon Lake Erie

How long does it take to drive through Baxter State Park?

2 hours
It takes 2 hours to drive the full length. The road is open to snow sledding, skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

When was Baxter State Park donated to Maine?

In 1931, Baxter formally donated the parcel to the State of Maine with the condition that it be kept forever wild. Over the years, Governor Baxter purchased additional lands and pieced his park together, transaction by transaction.

How big is Baxter State Park in Texas?

Over the years, Governor Baxter purchased additional lands and pieced his park together, transaction by transaction. He made his final purchase in 1962 ( download map ). Since then,additional purchases and land gifts have increased the Park’s total size to 209,644 acres.

Is there running water in Baxter State Park?

John W. Hakola (1928–1995), a history professor at the University of Maine, wrote a history of Baxter State Park (published in 1981). Inside the park boundary there is no electricity, running water, or paved roads.

Who was the Governor of Maine in 1921?

Percival P. Baxter was governor of Maine during the years of 1921-1924. He enjoyed fishing and vacationing in the Maine woods throughout childhood and his affection for the land and Maine’s wildlife were instrumental in his creation of a park for people of the State of Maine.