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What happened Heather Crawford?

What happened Heather Crawford?

Heather Crawford followed She’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. Several First Coast News viewers reported hearing a loud boom in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, and some even heard it in South Georgia.

Who are the anchors on First Coast News?

Jeannie Blaylock is a weekday evening news anchor and reporter.

  • Tim Deegan. Tim Deegan is First Coast News’ Chief Meteorologist.
  • Ken Amaro. Ken Amaro is First Coast News’ On Your Side Consumer Reporter.
  • Heather Crawford. Heather is a weekday evening anchor.

Where is Jordan Wilkerson?

Jordan Wilkerson is co-host of First Coast Living. Jordan Wilkerson took on her current role as co-host of First Coast Living in 2021. She transferred from First Coast News’ sister station in Seattle, KING 5.

Is Donna Deegan related to Tim Deegan?

She holds a BS ’84 in Communications from Florida State University. She is the cousin of former Jacksonville mayor Tommy Hazouri. Deegan started her career in 1984 as the morning anchor for WTXL in Tallahassee….

Donna Deegan
Notable credit(s) Anchor for WTLV/WJXX
Spouse(s) Tim Deegan, Dan Hicken, Kevin Clewis
Children 2

What happened to Rich Marriott KING 5?

Rich Marriott Retirement He still works as the morning meteorologist at KING 5. He has not yet issued any statement about his retirement.

Is Tim Deegan still married to Donna?

Donna Elizabeth Deegan (born February 28, 1961) is a congressional candidate, an American author, breast cancer awareness advocate, and former weekday television anchor on First Coast News at WTLV/WJXX in Jacksonville, Florida, United States….

Donna Deegan
Spouse(s) Tim Deegan, Dan Hicken, Kevin Clewis
Children 2

Who is Dan Hicken married to?

Reagan Hickenm. 2003
Dan Hicken/Spouse

Is Margaret Larson still hosting New Day Northwest?

After 35 years of work in broadcast journalism, Margaret Larson will be retiring July 30 from KING 5’s daytime talk show, New Day Northwest. “Margaret has been a tremendous mentor, colleague, and dear friend to so many of us at the station.

How old is rich Marriott’s son?

I have also been blessed with another son, who is 6 years old and whose joy in life keeps me from ever feeling old (tired maybe, but not old).

What happened to Tim Deegan?

First Coast News chief meteorologist Tim Deegan has resolved his driving-under-the-influence case by accepting 12 months’ probation and agreeing to have his license suspended six months. Attorney David Robbins, who represents Deegan, said the case was settled to everyone’s satisfaction.