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What day does LSU spring semester start?

What day does LSU spring semester start?

January 11
Spring Semester 2021

Date Event
January 11 Classes Begin
January 18 Martin Luther King Day Holiday
January 20 Final date for dropping courses without receiving a grade of a “W”
January 21 Final date for adding courses for credit and making section changes Final date to petition deans’ offices to invoke the Grade Exclusion Policy

What is the end of spring semester?

Spring semester runs from January (or February, depending on when your school resumes post-winter break) through May. At Boston College, the fall semester runs from August 29-December 21, and the spring runs from January 16-May 25.

How many weeks are in spring semester?

15 weeks
Traditionally, colleges and universities offer three semesters during each academic year: Fall semester – 15 weeks. Spring semester – 15 weeks. Summer semester – 12 weeks.

Is LSU on spring break?

LSU announced Friday in an email their plans for the Spring 2021 semester in response to COVID-19, including the cancellation of Spring and Mardi Gras breaks. Mardi Gras break and Spring break have been cancelled in order to prevent students from travelling and possibly bringing COVID-19 back to campus.

How long is a semester in college?

15-17 weeks
How Long a Standard College Semester Lasts. “Semesters are generally 15-17 weeks, including a period for final exams,” explains Catherine M.

Does LSU have school tomorrow?

LSU will be closed tomorrow due to inclement weather. All classes and scheduled events are cancelled. Continue to monitor for updates.

Can you drop all your courses in Mylsue?

If you wish to drop all of your remaining FALL 2020 classes, you will need to resign from the university. The resignation form can be found here:

How do I resign from LSU?

How can I resign?

  1. Students can email [email protected] to connect with an academic counselor to discuss resignation and initiate a resignation request.
  2. Students must adhere to university deadlines as outlined in the LSU Academic Calendar.