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What are the names of Spanish wines?

What are the names of Spanish wines?

Currently, Spain has 69 major wine regions, the more correct term being “Designation of Origin” (D.O.). You are most likely familiar with at least a few of them. Some of the most well-known wine regions of Spain are Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedés, Navarra, Rueda, Cava, Rias Baixas, Jeréz, & La Mancha.

What is Spanish red wine called?

1. Rioja Gran Reserva. Perhaps the most famous of all Spanish red wines, Rioja Gran Reserva is the pinnacle of the Rioja appellation. Aged for a total of five years before release, these wines are usually based on the Tempranillo variety.

What is a good Spanish table wine?

Here are some of the best Spanish wine regions and their red wine grape varietals.

  • Rioja DOC. The autonomous communities of La Rioja, Navarra, and Álava make up the Rioja DOC wine region in northern Spain.
  • Priorat DOC.
  • Rías Baixas DO.
  • Cariñena DO.

What wine is Spain famous for?

The albariño grape, with its citrusy and botanical notes, is the region’s most promient. The regions of Rioja and Ribera del Duero are Spain’s most famous for red wines. But they’re not the only Spanish reds worth trying! Jumilla, Valdepeñas, Toro, and Priorat are other names to look out for.

What makes Spanish wine different?

Spain’s Diverse Regions Spanish wines are made in a range of styles that reflect the country’s diverse regions and native grape varieties, offering the consumer a unique and authentic experience with each wine.

What are Spanish wines known for?

Spanish red wines are striking and unique. They also match very well with rich foods, so next time you’re having thick-cut cheddar burgers, empanadas, bbq skewers, and pork roast go for something Spanish. One theory about their unique nature is that wine was introduced to Spain by the Phoenicians around 800 BC.

What is a fortified Spanish wine?

Sherry, whose name is derived from the Andalusian town of Jerez, is one of southern Spain’s most famous exports (besides tapas, of course!).

Why are Spanish wines cheap?

Spanish wine is so cheap because Spain has a strong bulk wine industry, an abundance of lesser-known grape varieties, and an industry focus on France and Italy. All of these factors make Spanish wine cheaper than in other countries.

What is sherry called in Spain?

Jerez translates as sherry in Spanish and the wine is named after the region. To clarify, there are strict rules as to what classifies as a sherry. Only fortified white wines bottled in Jerez and made using Jerez grapes can be awarded the D.O Jerez y Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Denominación de Origen) title.