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Paperless HR Solutions for Your Small Business

Paperless HR Solutions for Your Small Business

Managing payroll and human resource as a small business owner can be hard, as you hire someone, there are so many things that you need to take care of, like managing employee’s documents to signing checks, paying taxes and even you need to comply with the regulations. Maintaining this can be tricky because if there’s any error, you need to pay the fine for it.

As the paperless office is getting popular, SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) conducted a survey, and it was proved that over 77% HR departments of organizations have chosen to go paperless with the help of HR and Payroll Software. which is leading the hr departments to do 35% less administrative work. Not only this, moving to a paperless office, providing you the chance to help the environment.

To manage to have a paperless office at first, you have to get rid of the old paper documents, so for that reason, consider integrating document management software (DMS) in your work system. With the help of the DMS, one can scan all the paper documents, and after that, all digitized files can be saved in the storage location. Based on the storage location, the DMS can be classified into two types, 1. On-site DMS: which uses the server as the storage location, so the storage is physical, 2. the other one is the cloud, the virtual one.

Here this article is all about how you can reduce paperwork and still continue to do the hr tasks at ease with the use of DMS.

  1. Job Applications:

DMS has the features of capturing your e-mails and sort them according to their purpose. So if you have been using postal mails, and thinking of switching to e-mail then DMS can be such a good use, as you don’t need to go through your mailbox to search for the job application, you can do a keyword search and all the mails related to the keyword will be in front of you.

  1. Streamlining Paperwork:

As an HR you must have to manage a lot of documents every day, what if I let you know that with the help of the DMS you can streamline the storage of all the digitized documents without doing anything because the DMS will store all the documents in the correct location on behalf of you.

As this is saving the cost of paper and printing ink, this type of storage is determining that your office has some free space.

  1. Managing Records and Keeping Them Safe

The HR has to work with so many confidential documents, which includes both the company’s and employees’ document, keeping the data as paper documents can be risky because, without anyone’s notice, the documents can go in the wrong hands. While using an HR document management system like filecenter can be a great help in such cases, as while storing the documents you can password the files from folder level, and only authorized employees are going to have the permission to access those files. Here I will provide some tips to secure the documents using a password.

  • Never use any easily guessable password.
  • Strong password protocol needs to be maintained; a secure and strong password should have a combination of small and capital letters, at least one number and one special character.
  • Password should be changed regularly for additional security.
  1. Protection from Natural Disaster

No one can stop a natural disaster, we often read or hear in the news that some company’s documents are ruined because of a flood or it has caught fire,—this can be disastrous for any company as many organizations’ workflow has a significant dependency on the documents, so it is necessary to protect those documents at any cost. Using the HR DMS, you can store the file in the server or in the cloud, which can be easily retrieved even after a natural disaster. In this article Forbes has shown important steps about how to save documents during natural disaster.

  1. Automated Work-process

The DMS is able to perform some task on your behalf; because it integrates itself in such a way that other software also co-operate with it, so sending a mail, generating an invoice, or reminding some payments become easier.

  1. Easy Sharing and retrieving

HR has to send and receive lots of documents every day. The HR DMS makes it easy to share files via e-mail or any other file transfer process; even those files can be encrypted for better security. No need to worry about sending a file via a courier company because your documents can be shared within minutes.

No more searching through the cabinet or drawers for a single paper, as the electronic cabinet (DMS) stores your data after indexing, so using a keyword or plain text or phrase from the document will be enough to search for it.

  1. Accessing Files

Though this point is only applicable for Cloud Document management system, still it is worth mentioning. It can be possible that someday you are working from your home or went to meet a client at his/her office for attending a meeting. Without having to carry paper documents if you can still access the required documents, then that can be such an easy option. The cloud document management software gives you access to your files from anywhere; you can use and modify the data from any device having an internet connection.

These were some basic features that you can use to solve your entire HR related problem, once you install document management software you can get to see many more useful features, because the DMS comes with some other valuable tools also, like for an example PDF format is globally used, so DMS comes along with some powerful scanning software that can scan any formatted documents into PDF format.

If your work becomes easy, then automatically the productivity increases, which is ultimately good for your business. You might own a small business now, but it is obvious that you have the thought to expand your business. Well, you cannot ignore technology if you want to do so as it is already mentioned earlier that most of the companies are choosing DMS to move to a paperless office and that software is saving their time and energy. To keep up with similar other companies, you have to go for DMS, as it is not going to save your monthly expense in paper and ink but also will help you to reach your goals.

It is recommended that you must choose an expert and reputed vendor who can actually make your experience sweet with DMS.