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Must-Have Accessories For your Home Desk

Must-Have Accessories For your Home Desk

Working from home has become increasingly popular during the past year as many of us have been forced to stay at home to combat the spread of the virus and therefore have found ourselves working from home where possible. This is a trend that has continued to increase and many predictions and now that this period will have changed the entire working landscape for the future. More and more businesses will be predominantly focused with people working from home for atleast parts of the week, so it is certainly an interesting period moving forward. Due to this, many of us have had to form an area in our homes where we have been working from and some working from homes’ set up have been better than others and below, we look into some of the accessories that you need to ensure you have on your home desk.

Must-Have Accessories For your Home DeskThe first place to start would be to have a laptop stand so that you are viewing your laptop at premium height for your eyeline. Many businesses have given employees laptops to work from home due to their portability compared to a desktop computer so they can work from the office/home as we look to the future. However, working on a laptop whilst sat at a desk without a laptop stand can be bad for your posture and can potentially lead to carpal tunnel syndrome so a laptop stand is a must. Carpel tunnel syndrome is a median nerve compression and can result in numbness, tingling and weakness in the hands. This is due to pressure of the median nerve, which runs through the length of the arm. This is now becoming much more common from people working in offices, so is certainly something to look at when working from home in order to prevent this.

A laptop stand also has many other benefits, as it offers the right viewing height, which helps with the potential to pick up hand injuries. Back pain is something that is also very common for office workers, so a laptop stand is something to purchase to help with this or to simply prevent it. The laptop stands will also reduce physical strain on the shoulders and neck on top of the upper back. Another benefit is that they will increase comfort and improve productivity overall, so is simply a must for all home workers.

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Having an Amazon Alexa echo is another way to boost your productivity whilst working from home as you can use it as your little personal assistant whilst you continue to work. The Alexa is perfect for reminders and what you still need to complete during your working day and can be easily voice activated so there is limited time messing around and more time working which is of course good for your productivity! Further to that, it’s also nice to listen to music or the radio whilst you work, and the Alexa is perfect for this. They are also easily available online and can be delivered in a matter of a day or so. So if you can looking for this help, then you should order one of these right away.

Furthermore, a pair of blue-light glasses to ensure that whilst you are working long hours that your eyes are protected from the strain of blue light on them. Many office workers report that they struggle with headaches during their periods of time staring at a screen and this is due to the blue light that is omitted into their eyes, but a pair of blue-light glasses will help you to continue to work long hours without getting headaches. And it isn’t just office workers that are jumping on this trend, gamers are also now following the crowd and purchasing this accessory. It is so important to protect your eyes and when spending exteneded periods of time you can get many issues that arise. All these different tips are positive and will help improve your home desk right away.