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Is Tower Hobbies going out of business?

Is Tower Hobbies going out of business?

Tower Hobbies no longer exists – they died when Hobbico filed BK. Now, they answer to their masters at Horizon. Today – I had to say my goodbye to Tower.

Does Tower Hobbies still have a catalog?

Ah yes, the beloved Tower Hobbies “big book.” The online (formerly “mail order”) giant still produces an annual hard-copy catalog, and it’s always a treat when one turns up in the mailbox.

Is RC a hobby?

The world of RC is a family-oriented hobby that allows people to come together and have fun driving and racing their high-performance radio controlled vehicles. There are many types, shapes and sizes of radio controlled vehicles to accommodate anyone’s interest and budget.

What has happened to Tower Hobbies?

A bit to unpack here – first, Tower Hobbies’ parent company, Hobbico, declared bankruptcy in January 2018. The Bankruptcy Court has approved the sale of Hobbico’s RC business to Horizon Hobby, LLC. There was also a $7 million sale of Hobbico’s Colorado-based model-rocket subsidiary, Estes.

Did Tower Hobbies stop selling Traxxas?

Tower Hobbies stops selling Traxxas products – Although I couldn’t find any official announcement, sometime in the summer of 2017, Tower Hobbies discontinued all Traxxas vehicles and cancelled all back orders on the popular TRX-4 Crawler that was released right prior.

What happened to hobby Lobby RC?

Hobby Lobby International, Inc. a 50-year-old hobby store that sells radio control airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and more in-store, by catalog and online, announces it will change its name to become Hobby Express and begin selling online at

What is hobby grade RC?

Our hobby grade cars require some level of skill and experience as well as enjoyment of the hobby. They are not designed as one off ‘toys’ to be ‘played’ with, they are designed to be used regularly and maintained after every use.

How much wind is too much for RC planes?

Generally, experts advise flying at a maximum wind speed of 15 mph to 20 mph if the wind is steady, and 10mph if it’s not. However, if you’re a learner, fly when wind speeds are no more than 5 mph to 15 mph if steady, and avoid flying when the wind is gusting.

What is Tower Hobbies phone number?

Tower Hobbies Phone Number Service Support, Email & Address (PO Box 9078, Champaign, Illinois, 61826-9078, United States) Representation of Main Phone Number of Tower Hobbies: Dial Tel: +1-800-637-6050 to make a call.

Who bought Tower Hobbies?

Tower Hobbies was owned by Hobbico who filed bankruptcy in January 2018. Their RC “Assets” were bought by HorizonHobby which includes as part of the sale, Horizon Hobby purchased the customer databases of Hobbico and certain related RC companies.

Where is Tower Hobbies located?

Tower Hobbies was started in 1971 by Bruce Holecek, a hobbies enthusiast. Tower Hobbies is now a division of Horizon Hobby, LLC, which is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, United States.