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Is there a remake of I Claudius?

Is there a remake of I Claudius?

HBO reveals that it is teaming up with BBC Two to remake I, Claudius. HBO has signed a deal with BBC Two to remake the 1976 Emmy-winning miniseries I, Claudius. Based on a novel by Robert Graves of the same name, I, Claudius tells the story of the eponymous Roman Emperor.

Why did graves write I Claudius?

The “autobiography” continues in a sequel, Claudius the God (1935), which covers the period from Claudius’ accession to his death in AD 54. Graves stated in an interview with Malcolm Muggeridge in 1965, that he wrote I, Claudius mainly because he needed the money to pay off a debt, having been let down in a land deal.

What was messalina known for?

Messalina Valeria, Messalina also spelled Messallina, (born before ad 20—died 48), third wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, notorious for licentious behaviour and instigating murderous court intrigues.

When was Claudius on Masterpiece Theater?

During its first showing in 1977-78, Americans saw an “I, Claudius” that was a mite sanitized from the more audacious British original.

How many episodes of I Claudius are there?

I, Claudius/Number of episodes

Is Claudius the God worth reading?

Claudius the God is Robert Graves’ sequel to his best-selling novel I, Claudius – a fictional autobiography of the Roman Emperor Claudius. Like its predecessor, Claudius the God is a wonderful achievement in marrying an historically accurate plot with a compelling narrative and psychologically fascinating characters.

How many people did Messalina sleep with?

Gossipers said that Messalina had over 150 lovers. During the night she loved to sneak out of the imperial palace while Claudius was sleeping. She went to the brothel where she would work as a prostitute. After a long night of sex with multiple men, she would return to her husband.

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