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Is Nottingham Trent good for Politics?

Is Nottingham Trent good for Politics?

This distinctive Politics degree examines the theory and practice of politics, integrating both national and international perspectives. If you have a keen interest in current affairs and international trends, then the BA (Hons) Politics degree at NTU is ideal for you.

What can you do with a degree in Politics and International Relations?

Politics and International Relations careers

  • Civil Service Fast Stream administrator.
  • European Union Administrator/Policy Officer.
  • Health Service Manager.
  • Human Rights Officer.
  • Intelligence officer.
  • International development worker.
  • Local Government.
  • Politician’s assistant.

Is Nottingham Trent University prestigious?

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has claimed a hat-trick of prestigious accolades, winning major awards for the third year in a row. It’s no mean feat, and showcases NTU’s dedication to delivering excellence in teaching and learning.

Is Politics and International Relations a BA?

The BA Politics and International Relations is a three-year degree programme. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of disciplinary and regional modules offered within the Politics Department, as well as modules offered in other Departments at SOAS as part of their ‘open options’.

What is the acceptance rate for Nottingham Trent University?

The admission rate range is 10-20% making this UK higher education organization a most selective institution. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.

Is International Relations and politics the same?

International relations is a broad field that helps create bonds between nations through economic, social, and political relationships. International politics is a subset of the study of international relations, and as such, it requires critical thinking skills and proficiency in cross-cultural communication.

Is it worth studying political science?

Yes, a political science degree is worth it for many students. Some careers that require graduate studies include lawyer, political scientist, and historian. You may start with a bachelor’s degree in political science and go on to earn a masters or doctoral degree that can provide credentials for high-level employment.

What do first year politics students do at Nottingham Trent?

All first year students take the module Politics and International Relations in Practice, which facilitates your involvement in relevant co-curricular activities, helping you to practice and develop your politics skill set in ‘real-world’ contexts.

How is politics and international relations in practice?

In the Politics and International Relations in Practice Module in Year One, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with real-world politics, such as participating in the Student Parliament or student society. You’ll also be actively encouraged to participate in voluntary work.

Is the politics and international relations course at NTU good?

If you have a keen interest in current affairs, international trends and understanding the changing world in which we live, then the Politics and International Relations course at NTU is ideal for you.

What kind of research does Nottingham Trent do?

Research interests in the subject area are coordinated under two research groups, although there is significant research collaboration across these teams; The Citizenship, Democracy and Transformation research group. Contemporary democracies are at an important crossroads.