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Is Midnight Lace like gaslight?

Is Midnight Lace like gaslight?

The “woman in peril” thriller has always proved popular since the advent of film, Midnight Lace may not have the class or menace of something like Gaslight or the best of Hitchcock, but it’s a splendid mystery thriller yarn.

Is Midnight Lace an Alfred Hitchcock?

Midnight Lace (1960) falls into the latter category with Ms. Directed by David Miller, Midnight Lace may not be great art but it’s consistently entertaining as a Hitchcock imitation, just like Miller’s previous “damsel in distress” suspenser – Sudden Fear (1952) starring Joan Crawford.

What is the ending of Midnight Lace?

At the end of the movie, Kit is scared by the fireplace coals moving (making a sound). There is a decent size fire going. In just a matter of minutes, when her husband comes home and they turn off all lights, no fire or light from the fireplace is visible.

Who’s the bad guy in Midnight Lace?

Affably Evil: In a twist most viewers don’t expect, Rex Harrison’s character turns out to be the villain. Billed Above the Title: A little overkill, as this trope applies to five of the actors: Day, Harrison, Gavin, Loy, and McDowall.

Is Midnight Lace on Netflix?

Midnight Lace is not available for streaming.

Is Midnight Lace a remake?

Midnight Lace is a 1960 American Eastmancolor mystery-thriller film directed by David Miller and starring Doris Day and Rex Harrison. The film was remade as a television movie by Universal Television in 1981.

What is Midnight Lace movie about?

When the American wife of a wealthy London-based financier starts receiving frightening phone calls, she believes her life is in danger, but when she protests to her family following a near-fatal accident, they and the police doubt her claims and even her sanity.
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Who is making the phone calls in Midnight Lace?

She tells Anthony, who chalks it up to a prankster. However, Kit soon begins receiving threatening phone calls from the anonymous stalker. She and Anthony inform the police, but they assume Kit is just a lonely wife in need of attention.

What is the movie Midnight Lace about?

Did Midnight Lace win any awards?

This is a list of awards and nominations for Doris Day….Golden Globe Awards.

Year 1961
Nominee / work Midnight Lace
Award Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
Result Nominated

Who wrote Midnight Lace?

Janet Green
Ben RobertsIvan Goff
Midnight Lace/Screenplay

What was the movie Midnight Lace about?

Who are the actors in the movie Midnight Lace?

Midnight Lace. Midnight Lace is a 1960 American Eastmancolor mystery thriller film distributed by Universal-International, directed by David Miller, and stars Doris Day and Rex Harrison about a woman who is threatened by a stalker.

Is the movie Midnight Lace based on a true story?

It’s about a woman who is threatened by an anonymous stalker but has a hard time convincing others of what’s happening. The screenplay by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts was based on the play Matilda Shouted Fire by Janet Green. The new title referred to a lacy dress that Day’s character purchases early in the film and wears at the climax.

Who is Daniel Graham in the movie Midnight Lace?

Returning home in a dense fog, Kit is startled by an unseen eerie male voice that threatens to kill her. The following day, Tony’s assistant, Daniel Graham ( Richard Ney ), notifies Tony that he’s been looking at the books of Tony’s company, and it appears a large sum of money has been embezzled from their firm.

Where does Doris Day Live in Midnight Lace?

American heiress Kit Preston ( Doris Day) and her British business owner husband Tony ( Rex Harrison) live in a wealthy neighborhood of London in a building undergoing major renovation construction. Returning home in a dense fog, Kit is startled by an unseen eerie male voice that threatens to kill her.