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Is BMW 3 Series M Sport good?

Is BMW 3 Series M Sport good?

The BMW 325d M Sport offers the best of all worlds. High-power BMW M3 looks, sportscar pace, great handling, plus the ability to average 58mpg – making it one of the best all-rounders on the market.

Which is better BMW 320i or 320d?

For example, a 320i can do up to 43.5mpg but its diesel equivalent, the 320d, can do up to 56.5mpg and is just as quick. Part of its economy advantage is explained by the fact that the most economical 320d has a manual gearbox, while the 320i petrol is only available with a less efficient automatic.

Is the BMW 320d a good car to buy?

The full Auto Express road test puts a car through its paces in every area against the toughest competition, but the BMW’s real assessment started when it rolled off the delivery truck and onto my drive. I believe that the 3 Series – and the 320d in particular – is one of the best new cars on sale.

Is the BMW 320d the same as the M3?

Interestingly, a previous-generation BMW M3 came with us, and that showed how much better-packaged the new car is. The 320d’s boot also took skis, golf clubs, suitcases and bags of compost; and although it was often only me inside, it did whisk a full complement of five around on plenty of occasions.

Which is better BMW 3 Series or X3 20d?

The 3 Series just feels less compromised – even than its great-handling X3 20d sibling. It’s more than practical enough for my golf clubs, and getting them in the boot without folding the seats down is a surprisingly decent test of versatility.

Which is the best car in the BMW 3 series?

The 3 Series took the title of compact executive car of the year at our recent New Car Awards, and while I was painting the floor of the photography studio when we shot our BMW for our awards special, it gave me some time to reflect on what makes the 3 Series – and the 320d in particular – such a convincing winner.