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Is 700mm handlebar good?

Is 700mm handlebar good?

Once you head into the mid-700mm range, it’s worth considering the terrain you’re riding. Those who rip aggressive trails at higher speeds are much more likely to benefit from a wider bar. Whereas slow-speed singletrack technicians will likely get tired of weaving a wide bar through tightly spaced trees.

What is the standard MTB handlebar width?

I would say the most common handlebar width is about 780mm wide. Now, most modern handlebars either come at 800mm wide or 780mm wide, so you might have to cut a little bit off, but they are designed to do that. You often have a bar with cut lines that already tell you where to cut down in 5mm increments on each side.

What width should my handlebars be?

The standard fitting advice is to get a handlebar as wide as the measurement between your AC joints. Those are the bumps atop your shoulders where the collarbone attaches just inboard of your deltoid muscle. But many riders prefer a handlebar slightly wider than their shoulders. A wide bar opens the chest.

What size are MTB handlebars?

Mountain Bikes – Handlebars generally come in two clamp sizes 25.4mm (older style) and the newer ‘oversized’ 31.8mm.

Are wider handlebars more comfortable?

Wide handlebars also have their place, and some riders and bikes are better with them. If your handlebars are too narrow, your shoulders feel strained when riding in this position. Bars that are wider than your shoulders feel more natural if you ride with your elbows locked.

Are my MTB bars too wide?

Let’s assess the position of rider below. Notice the high elbows and shrugged shoulders? If you are most comfortable on your bars in this position, it’s quite possible they are too wide. Optimal shoulder mechanics will be present with a more externally rotated humerus (elbows down slightly).

What width handlebars do pros use?

Some sprinters like Dehaes often use narrower bars, but in the 38-40cm range. Most riders have 40-42cm bars in the pro peloton.

Which is the best width for mountain bike handlebars?

While 760 mm seems to be a good middle-ground width for modern mountain bike handlebars, there are pros and cons to both wider and narrower variations. In addition, other factors like the handlebar sweep, rise, and stem length can play major factors in finding the perfect handlebar set up for you.

Can a wide MTB bar be made narrower?

And just remember, if you do have wide bars you can always make them narrower by cutting them down, so don’t stress if your new bike comes with some 760mm wide beasts. 6 bits of ultra-lightweight MTB tech for Cross-Country …

How big should my MTB bar stem be?

It’s important to note that as bars get wider your stem needs to get shorter in order to keep your weight cantered and the overall ride to feel the same. So, if you end up increasing your bars by 40mm it may be worth thinking about reducing the length of your stem by 10-20mm at the same time.

How big should handlebars be in XC race?

We analyse just how wide XC fanatics should have handlebars. Cast you mind back 10 years and the idea of rocking up at an XC race with 740mm wide bars would be tantamount to heresy amongst the Lycra-clad, leg-shaving world. Most riders were on 600mm and under, with the firm belief that narrower was better.