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How much is a small tour bus?

How much is a small tour bus?

For example, an executive mini-coach will cost approximately $115 per hour, but a mini-bus can range from $75 to $105 per hour. Executive buses are usually between $175 to $250 per an hour, school buses range from around $55 to $70 per hour, and the standard charter buses usually run $100 to $150 per hour.

How much does it cost to rent a shuttle van?

Example Bus Rates

Charter Bus $100 – $180 $900 – $1,900
Minibus $90 – $170 $750 – $1,700
Shuttle Van $80 – $160 $700 – $1,300

Can I buy a tour bus?

You can buy a tour bus from us at competitive rates and after exploring our finance options. Tell us more about the kind of tour bus for sale you’re looking for, and we can match your requirement with the perfect used tour bus. Call us on (800) 523-3262 with your queries, or write to us at [email protected].

Is it easy to rent a mini bus?

Although a minibus is nothing fancy, it serves its purpose for corporate transportation, city tours, and other special events. Now it is easier than ever to find an expert driver and charter bus rental near you. Simply complete a search on our site and compare rates for all kinds of mini buses, charters and limos. Why Rent Minibuses?

Can you rent a 15 passenger shuttle bus?

For instance, limo companies may rent a 15 passenger shuttle bus to provide additional capacity and options to their existing customers.

How many passengers can be in a minibus?

As a van rental can generally accommodate up to 15 passengers, a minibus is a great option for groups of 16 passengers and more. Which amenities are available on a minibus charter bus rental?

Can you rent a coach bus on

As with all charter bus rentals from, a minibus rental also includes a professional driver. Your carefully vetted driver will have a thorough knowledge of the areas you intend to travel through and will handle all aspects of your transportation. Coach buses are our largest bus type and can accommodate up to 56 passengers.