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How much does a shade sail cost Australia?

How much does a shade sail cost Australia?

How Much Does Shade Sail Installation Cost? Shade sails are designed to block the sun while spending time outdoors and cost an average of $1,000 or more to have them fully installed in Australia. The price can vary depending on the size of the property that needs to be shaded.

How do I determine my shade sail?

To start taking measurements, measure the distance from one corner to every other corner. Do this for every corner. And, always remember to double check your measurements! After you’re done taking measurements, you can send your measurements to your shade sail supplier.

How big of a shade sail do I need?

A general rule is the shade sail will begin about 12 inches away from your anchor point. If multiple sails are needed, leave about an 18-inch gap between each so they don’t rub against each other when windy.

Which is the best shade sail company in Melbourne?

Yarra Shade Co. are registered building practitioners who are more than happy to issue a building permit for waterproof shade sails that are over 10m2 of fabric area. The prices quoted below are a guideline only, every project is unique and requires a custom quote Our shade sail solutions are the highest quality in Melbourne.

Who are the shade wise team in Melbourne?

Whatever your requirements, Shannon and Peter will work closely with you on site to develop and build your ideal shade sail – respecting your budget and property along the way. The team at Shade Wise are committed to providing cost effective, custom shade sails, that add value and enjoyment to any outdoor space.

What kind of sails do Yarra shade use?

Yarra Shade’s premium shade sails are guaranteed to provide UV projection, strength and durability for long term shade and shelter. To suit your project needs, our shade sails come with two material options including:

What kind of fabric do you use for a shade sail?

3-sided and 4-sided Premium Shade Sails available in popular standard sizes. We use premium high grade extra heavy duty shademesh fabric, specifically designed for use under tension. You can use our online Custom Sail Calculator to design a sail based on your own specific measurements.