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How much do ghost fish cost?

How much do ghost fish cost?


Sell Prices
Base Price: Fisher: (+25%) Angler: (+50%)
45g 56g 67g 90g 56g 70g 83g 112g 67g 84g 100g 135g

What fish can go with a ghost knife?

The perfect community can be created using peaceful Catfish, Angelfish, large peaceful Cichlids, Discus and Corydoras. Corydoras are great companions because they will also help keep the aquarium clean.

What size tank do you need for a ghost knife?

100 gallons
Ghost knives, featherfin knives and African knives attain lengths of 8″ to 12″, requiring an aquarium of at least 55 gallons when full grown. Banded knives require at least 100 gallons and adult clown knives will require a 200-gallon aquarium or larger.

How big of a tank does a Black Ghost Knifefish need?

120 gallons
These fish grow up to 20 inches so they need a lot of space to grow and thrive. Each Black Ghost Knifefish needs at least 120 gallons. You should make sure your floor is sturdy enough to handle this weight. A 120 gallon tank weighs at least 1000lbs once it is fully loaded.

Can ghost knife fish live with angelfish?

Black Ghost Knifefish are best kept with tank mates that are not too boisterous or aggressive. Discus, Geophagus, Severum, Angelfish, peaceful Catfish, peaceful Cichlids and larger (6 inches or more) community species make good tank mates.

Can two ghost fish fish live together?

However, they have an aggressive side. This will pretty much only present itself when they’re around other black ghost knife fish. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep two or more in the same tank.

What can a black ghost knife fish live with?

There are a number of compatible black ghost knife fish tank mates you can consider. This is because this species likes to mind their own business and doesn’t use its size to be a bully. Almost any peaceful freshwater fish can be paired with your black ghost as long as they’re not too small.

How big does a ghost knife fish get?

The average size of the black ghost knife fish is 19 in (50 cm) but some of them grow 23 in (60 cm) long. Research also suggests that the black ghost knife fish grows around 5-6 in (12-15 cm). The black ghost knifefish is five times larger than a few species of catfish.

What is the life expectancy of a ghost knife fish?

However they do not grow to full extent in captivity. They can grow up to size of 12 – 15 inches under good care in fish tank. Black ghost knife fish have very long life span. They can easily live up to 7-8 years if care is taken properly.

What fish are compatible with Black Ghost knife?

Black Ghost Knifes are fairly placid and are suitable as a community fish, they do well with other large species. They are less compatible with small, slow swimming fish such as guppies and other livebearers and may be attuned to fin nipping.

What to feed a ghost knife fish?

In terms of feeding, you should be giving your Black Ghost Knife Fish foods such as insect larvae, grown insects, worms, small shrimp, and other small fish. If you notice that your Black Ghost Knife Fish is skittish, offer it several meals per day to coax them out of hiding.

What does a black ghost knife fish eat?

Black ghost knife fish mainly feeds on insect larvae and fry of other fish. In conditions of domestic maintenance, in principle, nothing changes, they willingly eat both live and frozen food – bloodworm , a pipe-man, do not refuse to eat cut prawns and squid, and of course, they will not miss the moment to have a fish fry.