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How much did a Gran Torino cost?

How much did a Gran Torino cost?

Ford had set the base price of the Gran Torino Elite hardtop coupe at $4,437, but of course, most buyers want additional-cost extras, as did the Nowickis. Their car was priced somewhat north of $5,000, Nowicki recalls.

What engine did the 1972 Gran Torino have?

Just to muddy the waters a bit, a handful of Gran Torino Sports were equipped with the Windsor V-8; this engine had a bore and stroke of 4.00 x 3.50 inches, a compression ratio of 8.3:1, and a maximum output of 153hp at 3,800 rpm and 266-lbs. ft. of torque at 2,000 rpm.

What years did they make the Gran Torino?

The Gran Torino Sport was only produced in 1972 and 1973. With only two years’ worth of production, it’s a rare treat when you run across one available. When the revamped Torino debuted in 1972, it outsold some industry classics like the Chevrolet Chevelle.

Is the 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport for sale?

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What kind of engine does a Gran Torino have?

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Where can I buy a 1969 Ford Torino?

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Is there a 1971 Ford Bronco for sale?

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