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How many EVOS restaurants are there?

How many EVOS restaurants are there?

The company began franchising in late 2005. Now the EVOS chain is up to 10 locations in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina with plans for a slow and steady expansion with a mission of “offering America healthier fast food.”

Is EVOS actually healthy?

EVOS’ fare is healthier for people and the planet because it’s made with the freshest natural and organic ingredients using earth-friendly methods and materials. With locations currently in Florida, EVOS sources only the very best ingredients such as naturally raised beef with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Who owns EVOS restaurant?

EVOS was the brainchild of Lambridis and his partners Alkis Crassas and Michael Jeffers, who found themselves driving around Florida looking for a healthy place to eat. When they couldn’t find one, the three college buddies decided to start one. “We didn’t want to do a health-food café,” Lambridis says.

What is Evo menu?

EVO, or EVOO is an acronym for extra virgin olive oil – it is used sometimes as shorthand to save typing out the words in full. Usually extra virgin olive oil will be used for salad dressings or for dipping or drizzling as it is expensive and has a better taste than regular olive oil.

Is evos a franchise?

Their recipes are made with high quality healthier ingredients like their naturally raised hormone & antibiotic free Steakburger and Low Fat Organic Milkshakes….Facts & Figures.

Liquid capital required $200,000
Net worth required $500,000
Investment $350,000 – $440,000
Franchise fee $35,000
Units in operation 9

What is the meaning of Evos?

Austral an informal word for evening.

Are EVOS fries gluten free?

The employee stated the french fries were Gluten Free and I could get any of the wraps without the wrap and be fine. I got Cali the Airbaked Chicken Strips and the Avocado & Turkey wrap (without the wrap) for me. I cut up the turkey, lettuce and tomato. I made a salad like meal and dipped it into the avocado spread.

What does evos mean?

Does Evo have food?

Something Brand New for Everyone in the Family! EVO has movie theaters with concessions & very comfortable seats, 12 bowling alleys, casual restaurant, pool table, air hockey, several arcade games & prizes. There is no entry fee, so parents can walk around to check it out.

How much is popcorn at Evo?

EVO has a decent menu, and the service was excellent. Popcorn was near $10, but it is bottomless and they brought extra bowls for the four of us to share.

What is full form of Evo?

EVO – Engineering Verification Order.

Why did evos PH disband?

Later, some issues started circulating around the team and one standed out, saying the management is corrupt, EVOS Esports ID later investigated the issue and it was proven that the management is indeed corrupt. They were later forced to disband the team.

Who are the servers at Evo Italian restaurant?

Delicious food ,,Melissa was an amazing server .Chef Eric is a wonderful chef we had Nancy’s meatballs to start & I had the Scallops over risotto &my husband had a meal dish both were delicious. I’ve never had better Italian food! Without exaggeration, everything we had was SO delicious, I will be having dreams about this place.

What makes Evos food Feel So Good to you?

Enjoy the foods you love – less grease, less guilt. Made naturally with quality, organic, & fair trade ingredients. Why EVOS? What is Feel Great Food? Food that Gives Back.

Can You host a special event at Evo?

We can host your special event no matter what the occasion. Private dining room or outdoor dining in our secluded private garden patio. Did you know that Evo holds display art from local and international artists, enjoy fine dining surrounded by visially stimulating great works of art. Click to see the story behind our art exhibit.

Where is Eurasia restaurant in Naples Florida located?

Welcome to Eurasia Restaurant of Naples, Florida! Featuring traditional Italian and Vietnamese cuisine cuisine with a French influence. 239.352.0888 8793 Tamiami Trail East Naples, Florida 34113 HOME MENUS OUR CHEF HOURS DINNER Tuesday – Saturday: 4:00pm-8:00pm CLOSED: Sunday and Monday Now Accepting Reservations For Outside Dining