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How many endings does Black Ops 2 campaign have?

How many endings does Black Ops 2 campaign have?

Endings. The storyline of Call of Duty: Black Ops II has eight endings depending on which conditions the player fulfills over the course of the game.

How do you get the true ending in bo2?

In the very last level of the Black Ops II campaign, you’ll have the choice to either capture or kill Menendez. Capture him. This will make the campaign end on the best ending possible.

What happens if you don’t shoot Menendez?

Menendez is captured If you don’t kill Menendez, he will be enraged by your decision (picture above).

What is the best Black Ops 2 ending?

Woods is alive in the best ending. As long as you have Karma alive, she will stop Menendez from escaping prison and killing Woods. What does this mean by, “protect the president?” All you have to do is Just complete the mission, Cordis Die, in which the president gets saved.

What is the true ending of Bo2?

What happens if you shoot Menendez instead of Harper?

If you kill Harper (first picture above), Menendez will leave this place, while Farid will briefly lose consciousness after the plane explosion. When Mason arrives at the place, a depressed Farid will tell him what happened (second picture above), while Mason will close Harper’s eyes (third picture above).

Are there any endings in Black Ops Cold War?

MAJOR SPOLIERS AHEAD! Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has a few endings to its single-player campaign mode. Players are given the option to save the world by preventing a nuclear war, or teaming up with Perseus to commence the launch and deter the Americans to a dead end.

What happens if Mason kills Farid in Black Ops 2?

If Farid is left alive, Mason will have to go into battle alone for the rest of the campaign, but story-related events are generally more positive. Killing the admiral will bring on graver consequences for the Obama. Merely shooting a limb will let him recover and save the vessel from complete destruction.

Where to avoid the fire in Black Ops 2?

Avoid the fiery plume near the mission’s extraction point. If the fire is not evaded (drive all the way to the right), Harper will be injured. Completing the Strikeforce Mission will yield more positive outcomes in the campaign. Retrieve the hostage and neutralize the kidnapper before they escape.

Is there a walkthrough for Black Ops 2?

This Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough is for its non-zombie campaign mode. This page also contains a list of the major campaign decisions in BLOPS 2 and their consequences. Certain decisions (and actions) made in the story campaign will determine dialogue and the appearance of NPCs in later missions.