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How does Zilingo make money?

How does Zilingo make money?

By September 2019 the company generates 80% of its revenue from its business-to-business operation of matching brands with suppliers in Southeast Asia and South Asia, with aggressive moves to expand in the United States.

Who owns Zilingo?

Ankiti Bose
Ankiti Bose (born 1992) is the co-founder and CEO of Zilingo, a multi-national start-up in the e-commerce space.

What is Zilingo?

Zilingo is a B2B platform that brings all aspects of the fashion industry supply chain together, from raw material wholesalers, merchants, all the way to customers. They provide all kinds of technical assistance, from data science, online platforms and other virtual services, to sourcing and financing of businesses.

How was Zilingo started?

Zilingo started as a long-tail fashion marketplace leveraging Southeast Asia’s growing internet connectivity to bring small merchants from the street markets of Bangkok and Jakarta into the e-commerce fold, supported by distribution, cataloging, and financing services Zilingo began to offer.

Is Zilingo a unicorn startup?

Unicorns of tomorrow: Zilingo, Mobile Premier League, Rebel Foods are top 3. The Hurun India Future Unicorn List 2021 ranks Indian start-ups founded in the 2000s, worth at least $200 million, not yet listed on a public exchange, and most likely to “go unicorn” within two years (gazelles) or four years (cheetahs).

How do I sell on Zilingo?

Receive Payments

  1. Add contact and storefront details to create a free. account on Zilingo Seller Centre. Provide basic.
  2. Add products on Seller Centre one-by-one in our. easy to use dashboard, or bulk upload with Excel.
  3. Keep track of all your orders in one place. Enjoy easy. and reliable delivery provided by our shipping.

How much is Zilingo worth?

Parents Father- Name Not Known (Engineer at an Oil Company) Mother- Name Not Known (University Lecturer)
Siblings None
Money Factor
Net Worth (approx.) USD 970 million (Rs 69,58,53,75,000) in 2019

How big is Zilingo?

Zilingo, the business-to-business fashion ecommerce company with close to US$1 billion in valuation, grew its revenue by more than five times to US$102 million for the financial year ending March 31, 2019.

How old is Ankiti Bose?

About 29 years (1992)
Ankiti Bose/Age

When was Ankiti Bose born?

1992 (age 29 years)
Ankiti Bose/Date of birth

Is Zilingo a B2B?

With Zilingo’s B2B platform, we have helped increase more sustainable sourcing options for merchants and we have extended financial support to them and businesses to regulate payments and increase in sales by offering Buy Now Pay Later and Advance Payout options.

Is Ankiti Bose rich?

In an interview, Ankiti said, We were in this market called Chatuchak. With more than 15,000 stalls and some 11,500 independent merchants, it is the largest weekend market in the world. I was like ‘wow, this stuff should be online!…

Net Worth (approx.) USD 970 million (Rs 69,58,53,75,000) in 2019

What kind of company is Zilingo shopping company?

Developer of an e-commerce fashion b2b platform intended to digitize the fashion supply chain. The company’s marketplace gives access to sourcing from factories, free-of-cost access to analytics, speedy logistics and secure payments, enabling brands and merchants to turn into successful entrepreneurs.

What do you need to know about Zilingo connect?

Important information such as deadlines, logistics information are all displayed on Connect. We are supporting you with a dashboard where you can centrally manage pricing and promotions. Apply discounts to your products across sales channels using our pricing feature.

Who is the CFO of

CFO James Perry, a veteran dealmaker, was reported to have resigned following the rounds of downsizing. Zilingo started off as a mobile-first eCommerce marketplace and today has expanded into a B2B tech-platform, with services spanning different offerings for players across the fashion supply chain.

How much money has Zilingo raised to date?

It raised an additional $18 million in 2017 in a Series B round and $54 million in a Series C round in 2018.