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How do you winterize a washer-dryer combo?

How do you winterize a washer-dryer combo?

8 steps to winterize your washing machine.

  1. Water supply. Begin by shutting off the water supply to the home.
  2. Disconnect power Cord. Unplug the unit and disconnect the inlet hoses from the water supply.
  3. Drain water out.
  4. Tilt Washer.
  5. Add antifreeze.
  6. Spin cycle.
  7. Remove residual antifreeze.
  8. Unplug Unit.

Who is Splendide made by?

Westland Sales
Our parent company, Westland Sales, has supplied innovative, space-saving appliances to the RV and Marine industries since 1967.

Does a washing machine need to be winterized?

Why You Need to Winterize a Washing Machine Washing machines, even if they are not in use, have residual water in the hoses and pump that are liable to freeze in cold weather. When water freezes, it expands, and expanding water in a washing machine can damage the pump or inlet valves.

Can your washer freeze?

If the temperature in your washing machine drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a strong chance that the water inside your machine could potentially freeze. This implies the liquid turns to a solid and in doing so can start to expand.

How do I keep my washer hoses from freezing?

The golden rule to prevent pipe freezing in the winter is to turn on a faucet at night, allowing it to drip just slightly. You don’t have to turn every faucet on, as just a single one should suffice. Doing so will release the water pressure, keeping the water moving continuously through the pipes.

Can I do laundry during a freeze?

Your washing machine can be severely damaged by freezing temperatures. If you keep your washing machine in a place where temperatures dip below freezing, such as a garage or in an RV, you put your machine at risk for damage from frozen water.

Can a washing machine be winterized?

You can also winterize your washing machine using an RV-type antifreeze. RV antifreeze is propylene glycol-based and is non-toxic, so is safe to use in the washing machine. Run the washer for about 30 seconds to mix the antifreeze with any water that remains in the pump. Finally, unplug the washer or turn off power.

How much water does a Splendide washer use?

9-16* gallons
Rated in the highest ENERGY STAR® tiers, 4A and 4B, your Splendide uses just 9-16* gallons of water to effectively wash and rinse all your fabrics.

How big is the Splendide washer and dryer?

Features a 15 pound wash capacity, 11 pound dry capacity, 10 wash cycles, 3 dry cycles, and a dry time selector. Extra options like water temp, low heat, low spin and extra rinse tailor the cycle. Quality-built for RV travel, with heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers and a durable stainless steel drum.

What kind of warranty does Splendide laundry center have?

Every Splendide is protected with a 1-Year warranty – extendable up to five years from the date of purchase. Who uses Splendide Laundry Centers? Splendide laundry appliances are found in RVs, boats, apartments, condos, dentist offices, home garages – anywhere laundry needs to get done and space is at a premium.

What’s the best way to winterize a washer dryer?

In this case follow the Winterizing Procedure A to winterize your washer-dryer. If you are pumping antifreeze through your RV’s water system, then use Winterizing Procedure B to winterize. In either case the same procedure is used to de-winterize your washer-dryer and return it to service.

What makes a Splendide front load washer so efficient?

Its near-silent operation is a hallmark of this front load washing machine. It’s just as efficient as it is compact, with an auto-load sensor to minimize water use. This washer is also remarkably easy to operate, thanks to a self-cleaning filter and other features.