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How do you get a university kit in Sims 3?

How do you get a university kit in Sims 3?

If you did not receive one, you can find the University Welcome Kit in Buy Mode > Study > Hobbies & Skills. It takes 48 credits for your Sim to earn a degree. Since the most you can get from one visit to the University is 36, you require the aptitude test to do it in one pass.

How do you get a new product code for Sims 3?

Re: How to Get a New Product Code for Sims3 With serial codes stating they’re invalid, you most likely will have to contact EA, they can be found here: .

Where do I find my Sims 3 code?

If you registered the game on OR bought it on Origin, the serial code can be found in the myGames tab on the Origin client. Download the client from here, log in with your data and go to the MyGames tab.

Can you be a dancer in Sims 3?

The Sims 3 Dancing Skill Sims can learn and increase Dancing skill by using Light as a Feather Ballet Barre and Stiff as a Board Dance Floor. Having this skill in the Skill Journal allows the player to see their progress in the secret dancing skills: dancing, club dancing, and ballet.

Can you send a Sim to university without going with them Sims 3?

You can send your favorite Sims to university together without having to control all of them. The non-played Sims can still be part of your active Sim’s college experience.

Does The Sims 3 need a code?

When you’re installing from game discs, you need to type in your game code to install your game. Make sure you have it ready before you start the installation.

How can I play Sims 3 without the disc or origin?

You can redownload The Sims 3 for free given you have the original game’s product code, or you can purchase and download a new copy of The Sims 3. There is also a third-party NoCD mod that bypasses the disc authentication process so you can play without the CD.

Can Sims become dancers?

Although Sims of all ages can dance, the skill can only be built by Sims who are teens or older. Sims can show off their moves on a dance floor at any time, but music must be playing nearby for Sims to just “dance” on it.