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How do I recalibrate my Health o meter scale?

How do I recalibrate my Health o meter scale?

How to Reset a Health o meter Scale

  1. Place the Health-O-Meter scale on a flat surface. Make sure the scale is indeed level.
  2. Tap the lower left or right corner of the scale three times. After you do this, you’ll notice the display shows “—.”
  3. Wait a few seconds for the scale to reset and recalibrate.

How do you fix a Health o meter Professional scale?

Check the load cell cable and make sure that it is plugged in correctly. If all cables are connected correctly, contact Technical Support at 1 (800) 638-3722 for further assistance. The scale does not turn on. Possible dead batteries; please change batteries with brand new ones (Duracell or Energizer preferred).

How do you put the battery in a Health o meter scale?

The battery is fairly easy to replace and is available at most electronics stores.

  1. Flip the scale over on top of a towel to prevent damaging the glass surface.
  2. Push the locking tab and lift the compartment cover.
  3. Insert the new battery into the compartment.
  4. Push the metal tab over the new battery.

How much weight can a Health o meter scale hold?

The bathroom scale calibrates itself automatically and uses Step-On Technology to instantly deliver weight results with a 0.2-lb accuracy up to 400 lbs. This weight scale can store information for up to 4 users, and the large LCD readout and oversized backlit display are easy for all to see.

How accurate is a Health o meter scale?

Our scales could be off +/-1% or 1 pound of your total body weight. Make sure that the scale is on zero before taking a reading. A hard surface is best for maximum accuracy.

Why does my Health o meter scale say E?

E. If the device is showing the error “E” on the message screen, check to make sure that you are not moving while calculating the weight. Stand with your back straight, and feet evenly placed on the scale to ensure the most accurate measurement.

Is health meter scale accurate?

The best thing about the scale besides it’s sleek look, is the fact that it’s extremely accurate. Most spring scales will show you two different weights if you step on it twice in a row, this ones shows the exact weight to the decimal.

How can I check my mobile weight?

See your weight over time

  1. On your phone, open the Google Fit app .
  2. At the bottom left, tap Home.
  3. Scroll down and tap Weight.
  4. At the top, adjust the time frame for the graph.

How big is a health O Meter medical scale?

Health O Meter’s 349KLX medical floor scale is a high capacity home floor scale with a 400 pound maximum weighing capacity and 0.2 pound graduations. It comes with a remote LCD display indicator that can either be mounted to a wall or a table-top.

How big is the size of a 349klx scale?

The 349KLX’s weighing platform is 12 3/8 x 12 inch and includes a rubber mat that keeps you from slipping off the floor scale. The 349KLX is a versatile scale that can be used in a host of locations. Users can place the remote display head where it is easiest for them to read the weight.

What kind of battery does health O Meter use?

349KLX floor scale from Health O Meter operates by an AC adapter or 6 AA batteries. An Auto-Off feature is included to help conserve energy and you can also monitor the battery power by checking the Low-battery indicator.

Is there a warranty on a pelstar health O Meter?

ScaleSurance is an extended warranty program that protects the investment of your health scale directly from the manufacturer Pelstar LLC d.b.a. Health o meter® Professional Scales. This warranty must be purchased within the standard warranty of the scale.