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How can I prepare for Olsat test?

How can I prepare for Olsat test?

Check out TestPrep-Online’s OLSAT practice study packs.

  1. Find a quiet study area that is conducive to studying.
  2. Implement plenty of study breaks into practice sessions.
  3. Make a study schedule.
  4. Always read the explanations.
  5. Encourage your child to try again if he or she does not succeed the first time.

How many questions are on the Olsat test?

OLSAT Test Quick Facts

Full Name Otis-Lennon School Ability
Test Format Online or paper-and-pencil, group administered
No. of Questions 40 (Kinder) / 60-72 (1st Grade and higher)
Amount of Time 60-75 minutes
Question Types Verbal, Nonverbal, Figural, Quantitative

What does the Otis-Lennon test measure?

The Otis-Lennon is a group-administered (except preschool), multiple choice, taken with pencil and paper, measures verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning ability. The test yields verbal and nonverbal scores, from which a total score is derived, called a School Ability Index (SAI).

What is a good OLSAT score?

The majority of children who take the OLSAT (68%) tend to score an SAI of 84-116. Far fewer (14%) achieve an SAI of 116-132, and only slightly more than 2% of students typically earn an SAI of 132 or higher.

Is OLSAT an IQ test?

The OLSAT® is not a school ability test, a cognitive ability test or an IQ test. Your child’s OLSAT® test score will give you an idea of how smart they are but it isn’t an IQ score. These tests are designed to measure how well children have learned and what they should have been taught.

Is Olsat test hard?

The OLSAT Test is notoriously difficult (even for adults) and in order to gain admission into elite programs orexclusive schools for gifted and talented children, students need to achieve high OLSAT scores.

What is a good score on OLSAT?

Where can I get a free OLSAT test?

This Free OLSAT Practice Test was written by the PreK – 8th grade testing experts at with access to 100,000 Practice Questions Including the OLSAT Test. For more information on the OLSAT, visit the comprehensive OLSAT knowledge base available at

How is instant scoring broken down in OLSAT practice test?

Instant Scoring in this practice test is broken down by grade level so you have a choice of doing all the questions or just the grade level that is applicable to your child. 1. Point to the picture that shows this: Cindy has dived off the board but she has not yet hitu000bthe water.

What did Ali eat on the OLSAT test?

Look at the lunch at the beginning of the row. It shows Ali’s lunch. She has a sandwich, a cookie, a banana and a glass of chocolate milk. She wasn’t very hungry today so she ate half her sandwich, a bite of her cookie, half her banana, and she drank her chocolate milk.