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Does elsan Blue contain formaldehyde?

Does elsan Blue contain formaldehyde?

This is for the most concentrated form but that ALDI stuff should be banned. I believe Thetford/Elsan blue no longer contains Formaldehyde. If you’ve already bought it I should chuck it but be careful how you dispose of it.

How do you use elsan blue?

To avoid the risk of spilling chemical whilst charging your toilet in a rough sea, use Elsan Blue Bags. There is no measuring or pouring. Simply drop the sachet into the tank and it dissolves completely on contact with the water. Elsan Blue Bags are supplied in plastic tubs to keep water and moisture out.

What is elsan blue?

Elsan Blue is the only toilet fluid you can buy that exceed British Standards. That’s why Elsan toilet fluids are chosen by caravanners, and boating and camping enthusiasts alike. Add 60ml of Elsan Blue to the waste holding tank for every 10L then add 2 to 3 litres of water.

What is the best caravan toilet chemical?

Caravan Toilet Fluid and Chemicals

  • Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus Toilet Fluid – 1.5-litres.
  • Blue Diamond Twin Pack Toilet and Bowl Cleaner.
  • Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid for Motorhomes, Green, Two-litres.
  • Elsan Blue 4-litres Blue Toilet Fluid.
  • Elsan Double Blue Toilet Fluid, 2-litres Double Rinse.
  • Elsan Chemical Toilet Bags, Blue.

Is elsan Blue formaldehyde free?

The product is environmentally-friendly and completely formaldehyde free, ensuring there is competent odour control. It is formulated especially for use in the outdoors, for example in caravans/motorhomes and for portable toilet systems, typically used inside tents/awnings.

Does Thetford Blue contain formaldehyde?

Thetford say that blue is “Aqua Kem Blue best performing toilet additive and formaldehyde free!”

Does elsan blue break down solids?

the choice of fluids will depend on what you prefer your self, Elsan double strength blue used in recomended doses does well at breaking down solids but can be a little eye watering if only used for number 1’s.

Why are toilet cleaners Blue?

There are plenty of reasons you’d want to use toilet cleaning tablets — they make cleaning easier, they dye the water blue giving it an ultra-fresh look, and they can keep your bathroom smelling great!

What does Blue toilet chemical do?

The blue toilet chemical, one that is often mentioned, takes care of the biological breakdown of waste. It is used to ensure that all the waste matter is completely broken down and easier to dispose of. The chemical is poured into your waste tank and works to keep awful smells and build-up of gas at bay.

What is the difference between blue and green toilet chemicals?

The blue toilet chemical, one that is often mentioned, takes care of the biological breakdown of waste. Considered as the environmentally friendly one, the green does the same job as the blue but contains chemicals that are not as harsh and does not contain formaldehyde.