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Celebrities Buy Instagram Followers & likes – But Should You Do it Too

Celebrities Buy Instagram Followers & likes – But Should You Do it Too

Instagram is important in digital advertising. It is a good communication tool to reach out to a relevant target audience. Nowadays companies rely on different Instagram metrics to measure the impact of the brand awareness campaign created in the online marketing segment. Followers, likes, fans, conversations, etc. are important indicators of the success of the campaign.

Why Celebrities Buy Instagram followers:

Many businesses have realized the importance of Instagram. Celebrities use this segment extensively to reach out to their fans. Popularity is important for any celebrity. Whether he/she is a TV personality or film star or sportsperson. More popularity naturally results in more fame and money. So different marketing ideas are executed by celebrities to reach a number of people and to increase popularity. Many celebrities also buy Instagram likes and followers. More followers help in creating more buzz in the online segment.

Buying followers help to increase your fan base. However, the negative aspect of buying more followers is that, at times, the followers provided by vendors are fake accounts (or ‘bots’). So, when Instagram thoroughly checks the fake account, they find it is fake and consequently suspend it. This results in lowering the fan base. Therefore, just ensure that you are using a trusted provider who doesn’t use bots. For example, you may want to use this alternative to Kicksta called Growthoid, as they promise “No bots, no fake engagement“.

This industry of providing fake accounts as followers is huge. Nowadays it is very common for any celebrity to buy such kind of account. Many Hollywood celebrities have lost millions of accounts post discovery of many accounts being fake. These have hampered their image on social media. So purchased followers can be detrimental for any celebrity. But at the same time, having millions of followers help them to get more popularity among people.

Their Instagram accounts are normally managed by agencies. They engage with fans on behalf of the celebrity. Perception matters a lot in social media. So anyone who has more than a million followers is regarded to be extremely important. Celebrities leverage this fact and look out for a number of followers. Instagram is all about showcasing yourself.

Should you buy Instagram followers too like celebrities?

It is a legit way to increase your following but you need to know about fake and real followers before purchasing fans for your account. If a particular profile has more followers but very less conversation, likes, sharing, etc. on the account then there is a possibility that a large amount of the follower base is fake. Also if suddenly there is a big jump in the follower base in a particular period then that also can be suspicious.

There are some tools through which they can find out the fake follower base. But there are other indicators like no profile image or duplicate profile pics which makes the account suspicious. After checking it thoroughly, one can get to know about the genuineness of those accounts. Means for filtering out the fake accounts from the genuine ones are slowly evolving.

So it is not easy nowadays to gather fake accounts and still be popular. It is recommended to increase the follower’s base through good content and buying real and active followers like celebrities are doing. Content gives you organic traffic. Later on, these same followers become influencers. Your online brand image will go up by doing this. Engage with your followers online and strengthen your online profile.